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Black Obsidian

In this article about Black Obsidian, we will first tell you about the history of the Black Obsidian, introduce you to the different characteristics of this gemstone, describe and explain the healing properties and uses, and we will end this article by explaining its price and how to recognize this gemstone.

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Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

What is a Black Obsidian gemstone?

Obsidian is a naturally occurring ancient stone that has been used by mankind from the beginning of time.

The smokey hue and glass-like texture are the result of Earth’s abilities. The stone forms deep within the earth. Rapid cooling of lava from volcanic fissures gives the stone its characteristic hue!

Black obsidian is known by several names. A few additional names for volcanic glass are xaga and royal agate.

Natural black obsidian is adored across the world by spiritualists and healers alike! However, its original usage were more conventional and grounded. Most of the stone was mined to make weapons and tools by humans. Nowadays, it’s mostly used to create the base of orgonite pyramids.

Black obsidian was often used to make spears, arrowheads, and other tools because it could be cut into sharp edges. Records indicate that ancient Mayans used the stone as early as 100 B.C.

Eventually, the stone acquired a mystical significance. The stone’s glass-like sheen reached the domain of scrying. It was embraced by shamans & crystal gazers, who claimed that the stone provided clairvoyants with a window into faraway spiritual worlds!

Today, black obsidian is still employed in the healing industry for a variety of purposes. It is regarded as a potent cleanser that roots the spirit and protects against negative energy.

Black Obsidian meaning

This enigmatic and black stone has several implications for healers & meditators. The most widely recognized interpretation of black obsidian, however, has to do with purifying dark energy.

Everything else revolves on its capacity to remove the fog of dark energy surrounding your aura, which allows grounding light to enter your body. ”

Obsidian is a protective stone of great strength. Its energy has the capacity to shield you from the pervasive darkness. Healers think that its purifying properties throw light on dark that you’re not aware of.

Despite all of these attributes, the stone is also thought to be immensely grounded. The cleansing energy of black obsidian can help you find hidden energy, solve the darkness that holds you down, and know extra connected to reality & Mother Earth.

Black Obsidian Healing Properties

Obsidian is a stone that, at first glance, reveals its exceptional nature. Its fascinating sheen has attracted mankind throughout history, resulting in a wide range of applications.

However, it is much more than a gorgeous crystal. The black obsidian, according to healers, offers a variety of medicinal powers and advantages that may enhance the mind, body, & soul in unusual ways.

Here are many of the stone’s most notable advantages.

The physical benefits of Black Obsidian

Like a lot of other healing stones, black obsidian’s benefits don’t have to do with your body directly. It is all about boosting the emotional and spiritual climate.

However, healers feel that these enhancements also result in obvious bodily enhancements!

Utilize black obsidian as a cleaning stone to effectively manage stress-related ailments. People often use black obsidian to treat digestive difficulties, acne, and even high blood pressure, among other ailments.

With its relaxing energy and positive influence on your mental state, black obsidian is likely responsible for this. By eliminating negativity in your life, you are free to concentrate on the positive. It is believed that when the burden of the past is removed, the body can regulate and recuperate.

According to a number of users, this stone induces a unique sensation of tranquility. This heightened sensation of tranquility and concentration may lead to a decrease in worry and stress, enabling you to enjoy improved overall health.

More specifically, black obsidian is claimed to eliminate hazardous pollutants. If you live in an area with poor air quality, you’re more likely to be exposed to toxins. Nonetheless, others argue that poisons may accumulate in the body owing to negative energy and emotions.

Supposedly, black obsidian immediately targets these poisons, eliminating them from the body in order to restore balance and improve health. For this reason, some even use black obsidian to enhance organ and biological functioning.

Many crystal healers think that the stone increases heart health, circulatory system strength, and liver and gallbladder function.

The emotional benefits of Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is most likely to have the most effect on your emotional state .

Despite its cryptic and gloomy appearance, the gemstone has the ability to bring brightness into your life. This is one among the primary therapeutic characteristics that contribute to black obsidian’s popularity.

The stone’s black shine absorbs and purifies bad energy, allowing you to boldly stride into the light. It is a favorite stone among empaths and individuals who are continuously exposed to negativity. Whether the negative energy comes from yourself or is aimed at you from other sources, black obsidian handles it head-on.

Life is about equilibrium. However, many are so consumed by negative ideas that they cannot see the bright side. This often inhibits individuals from leaving unfavorable settings or healing from prior hurts.

Obsidian may assist you in doing so. It may assist you in letting go and really experiencing life! In addition, it may offer you with continual protection, preventing the evil forces from enveloping you.

The stone’s ability to reveal the truth is also a significant source of comfort and solace for the beholder. It may pierce through illusions and enable you to view things as they really are.

This may have favorable effects on your life. Being able to see past facades is a skill that will increase your enlightenment, self-assurance, and positivism.

Many report gaining a fresh perspective on aspects of their lives to which they previously paid little attention. This might help you see love and relationships in a fresh perspective. The inner freedom it affords may help you attain a better state of mind, whether it give you the fortitude to tackle those concerns head-on or the courage to leave unhealthy situations that cannot be salvaged.

The spiritual benefits of Black Obsidian

As stated before, black obsidian has a long history of usage by shamans and crystal-gazers. It is stated that the stone emits physical power that has a tremendous influence on its possessor.

In meditation, it enhances our ability to commune with the worlds beyond our own. It enables you to accept safety from heavenly guardians and facilitates communication with the spiritual realm.

Many see these linkages despite the fact that they may not be visible. It is a feeling of spiritual direction and enlightenment! Precognition and cosmic potential may be unlocked via the use of black obsidian.

Some claim that black obsidian penetrates into the subconscious in order to reveal previously undiscovered talents. According to legend, the stone enables your soul and intellect to hear clairvoyant messages from beyond the sky.

Examine the reflecting surface to determine what messages you get!

The Black Obsidian Chakras

Metaphysical medicine has used black obsidian for centuries. The jet-black stone emits energy capable of shifting and balancing your own energy.

Numerous stones and crystals interact with the seven primary spinal chakras. Nonetheless, black obsidian is distinct.

However, its primary effect is on the Earth Star Chakra, which it may influence to bring about more auric equilibrium. This chakra has no physical location. Rather, it is located six to twelve inches below your physical body in your etheric body.

Root chakra vibrates with the strongest vibrations first, before the rest of the chakras do. There, the stone functions to enhance your feeling of self. This might give you greater energy and make you feel more grounded.

A stronger sense of kinship with Mother Earth and other realms of existence is possible after energy flows into your earth star chakra. Utilizing the earthy star chakra may enhance your feeling of well-being, going to make you feel happier and more at peace then ever.

Black Obsidian zodiac sign

Numerous zodiac signs have significant associations with black obsidian. Although everyone may use the stone, Scorpios & Sagittarians stand to benefit the most. Even individuals whose zodiac sign is Cancer might benefit from this.

The Sagittarius birthstone is obsidian. Thus, people born under this sign have an innate affinity for the subject matter. Obsidian may provide true Sagittarians with wisdom and safety.

Sagittarians are considered to be daring and quick to act without contemplating the consequences of their actions. They emanate vitality that propels them onto their next great experience! The calming properties of black obsidian prevent Sagittarians from being overly impetuous while also providing security on their travels.

The same is true of Scorpios. However, this tremendous energy may occasionally drive Scorpios down a road of negativity and gloom.

Again, black obsidian aids persons born under this sign in being grounded and secure. Cleanses Scorpios and provides enough light to always lead them back to where they came from.

What is the Crystal Structure of Black Obsidian gemstone?

Like obsidian, black obsidian crystallizes from lava flows. It has a crystal structure similar to that of the stone it takes its name and properties from. The composition is black glassy volcanic rock, though some veins contain silica (a mineral found in quartz) or graphite instead of olivine crystal fragments embedded within them.

How to Identify Black Obsidian by Sight?

Obsidian is black in color and glassy, or obsidian gemstones may be opaque black. It’s a translucent volcanic rock with a vitreous -or glasslike- luster when polished. Obsidian comprises 63 percent! of chalcedony (a stone composed of quartz). Much obsidian comes from Central America among 75 countries already known to have quarries producing it today.

How much does the Black Obsidian cost?

The black obsidian stone sometimes measures up to 1.5cm and often has a cloudy or splotchy appearance due its chalcedony crystal structure (qi stones within quartz). The black obsidian gemstones are hard, but also brittle in comparison with other types of agate.   

The cost is between $30,- per stone which is the average retail value based on several websites selling it.

What Are the Healing Properties of Cherry Quartz Compared to Black Obsidian?

Cherry quartz crystal properties are believed to promote love, compassion, and positivity. Known as the stone of empathy, it is thought to enhance relationships and deepen connections. On the other hand, black obsidian is associated with protection and grounding, helping to remove negativity and provide mental clarity. Each crystal possesses unique healing properties, allowing individuals to choose based on their specific needs.

What are the Similarities and Differences Between Green Agate and Black Obsidian?

Green agate stone benefits can be compared to those of black obsidian. Both stones are known for their grounding properties and ability to absorb negative energy. However, green agate has additional benefits, such as promoting emotional balance and improving communication skills. On the other hand, black obsidian is revered for its protective qualities against negative influences. Despite these differences, both stones offer unique healing energies that can be harnessed for spiritual and holistic well-being.

How to take care of the Black Obsidian?

Although obsidian glass resembles chalcedony, like other volcanic stones of black stone type it is brittle. The black obsidian gemstones seems to break easier than chalcedony and quartzite. They are very sharp on edge and would require a hard surface for placing them or be used in cold water treatment class because the prongs can cut fingers easily if not handled carefully (do NOT confuse with obsidian healing properties).

Final thoughts

As can be seen, the underlying meaning of black obsidian is something with which everyone can identify. Add to it the stone’s features and advantages, and it’s easy to see why so many people desire to keep it near.

I strongly suggest giving this stone a try if you’re wanting to ward against dark and negative energies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is black obsidian good for?

Black Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass that is often used for decorative purposes, such as jewelry and sculptures. It has a dark, obsidian-like color and is often used in religious and spiritual ceremonies because of its unique properties.

Where do you put black obsidian?

This is a difficult question to answer, as black obsidian is a unique rock that does not necessarily fit into a specific category. As a result, it can be difficult to find a place to put it. Some people choose to display it in their homes, while others choose to use it in their business or art. If you are undecided, it is best to consult with an expert or visit a gallery that specializes in black obsidian.

Who can wear black obsidian stone?

Anyone can wear black obsidian stone, as it is a natural gemstone that does not require any special care. Just be sure to keep it clean and store it in a cool, dark place.


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