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Amazonite bracelet

Purify and protect your environment with this amazonite bracelet. Its gemstone helps with healing mental ailments including addictions to alcohol, nicotine or even sugar, calms…

Amazonite pendant

Show your support and share the love with this stunning Amazonite pendant. Made from very high quality gemstones, it is sure to make an impression…

Amethyst bracelet

$29.79 $32.22$23.17 $25.06
Instantly recognizable for its deep purple hue and shimmering polish, this amethyst bracelet made of a gemstone of love and meditation, assisting you with emotional…

Amethyst pendant

This beautiful amethyst pendant is an excellent combination of the cutting edge and the classic. Shiny and distinctive, it will definitely make a statement with…

Aquamarine bracelet

If you love the water and peace, this aquamarine bracelet is for you. The color of aquamarine represents truth, balance and prosperity. It is bright,…

Aventurine pendant

This aventurine pendant is the perfect accessory to add a splash of color and a touch of beauty to your every day. This look can…

Black Labradorite pendant

This black labradorite pendant has the power to help you create whatever comes to mind. Its beautiful grey, white and blue hues will bring you…

Black Onyx bracelet

$8.50 $15.00$6.80 $12.00
Give your wrist a jolt of freshness with this black onyx bracelet. A bold, eye-catching piece, it will make a fashion statement while also making…

Bloodstone bracelet

Bloodstone is said to bring good luck and protection. Feel the energy flow through your body with this beautiful bloodstone bracelet.…

Blue Sandstone bracelet

Your authentic blue sandstone bracelet, telling everyone that you are an original and one of a kind. A must have for all women who want…

Blue Tigers eye pendant

The Blue Tigers eye pendant is a beautiful accessory that enhances your spirituality and helps you to live a balanced life. Wear this Chakra Stone…

Brown Snowflake Jasper Bracelet

This beautiful brown snowflake jasper bracelet carries a deep message of love, commitment and friendship. It is set with sparkling snowflakes and is the perfect…
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