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Amazonite gemstone


In this article about Amazonite gemstone, we will first tell you about the history of Amazonite, introduce you to the different characteristics of this gemstone, describe and explain the healing properties and uses, and we will end this article by explaining its price and how to recognize this gemstone.

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Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

What is an Amazonite gemstone?

Amazonite is a magnificent stone with a mystery significance. It is named after the profound and mystical waters of Amazon River. The one-of-a-kind mineral has been found in ancient civilizations all across the world for thousands of years!

Despite its name, most Amazonite on the market isn’t from the Amazon River in South America. Some speculate that the first samples were found near the Amazon’s banks. This stone, on the other hand, is found in Brazil, Australia, Namibia, Africa, Canada, Madagascar, and other places!

This gemstone was commonly used for ornamentation in Ancient Mesopotamia. It was carved into beads by early people to decorate their bodies. It was also employed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of building facades, utensils, and other items.

Amazonite was later discovered in Ancient Egypt. It was a popular drink during Tutankhamun’s reign. It was employed on the temple of the aforementioned king by the Egyptians. Historians believe it was used for certain sections of the famous “Book of Dead” burial text.

Amazonite is also closely associated with several South American civilizations. Starting in the 10th century B.C., female warriors took use of its function as a protective stone. There’s also some proof that it may be used as a healing stone for a variety of illnesses.

Amazonite is a fascinating commodity nowadays. This has all the elegance and mystery you’d expect from a historically significant stone. However, geologists are unsure if the stone we see now was utilized by people in the past! Most contemporary deposits aren’t discovered in the Amazon River Basin, contrary to popular belief.

However, geologists can agree on one thing: its chemical makeup. Amazonite is a potassium Feldspar mineral. It belongs to the Microcline mineral family, which implies it forms huge masses of tabular stones.

Amazonite is everything from dull in terms of color and finish! It’s a multicolored stone with strong emerald green undertones. Turquoise, yellow, even gray inclusions are possible in certain samples.

Specks of brown and black complement the main color pallet, giving a lovely mottled appearance. Every piece of Amazonite is one-of-a-kind, having characteristics that make it a very unique stone to own.

Amazonite meaning

Amazonite may be referred to by a variety of names. It’s also known as the “Stone of Hope” or “Stone of Courage.” It’s also referred to as the “Crystal of Truth”!

The fundamental Amazonite meaning stays the same regardless of what you name it. Even across many esoteric traditions, there is a common thread of truth. The meaning of this stone is peace and serenity.

Amazonite is regarded as among the most powerful soothing stones among crystal healers all over the globe. Its sheer presence reflects the Amazon’s calming atmosphere and then all the vitality it contains.

Amazonite isn’t only for preserving the quiet and fostering blanket restfulness, however. A stone that causes mind-numbing stillness is the last thing anybody desires!

The aim of Amazonite is to prevent you from becoming comfortable. Its therapeutic qualities help you make good changes in all areas of your life! This life-affirming stone provides you with the confidence and fortitude to overcome any obstacle and accomplish any task.

Many of us are plagued with worries and concerns that prevent us from moving forward. Whether it’s a dread of change or perhaps a general apprehension about the future, fear keeps you from realizing your full potential.

Amazonite emits a soothing vibratory energy that reverberates throughout your whole body. It’s an excellent stress reliever since it numbs emotional aches and helps you change your mind about fear and loss.

Finally, Amazonite’s main goal is to help you make the changes you wish to have in your life. Whatever your ultimate objectives are, Amazonite will provide you the peace of mind you need to achieve them.

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Amazonite Healing Properties

Amazonite seems to be a dream at first glance! The vibrant colors are an artistic beauty that begs to be shown.

However, crystal healers across the world will remind you that Amazonite is much more than a pretty ornament. It has a long history of therapeutic qualities and potential benefits.

By affecting your mind, body, and spirit, this stone has the ability to alter your life for the better.

The physical benefits of Amazonite

Amazonite’s therapeutic qualities are most often utilized to improve your spiritual and emotional well-being. This stone, on the other hand, is believed to have a variety of effects on your physical body.

Amazonite is, first and foremost, a powerful energy filter, according to crystal healers. Some types of energy are believed to clog up the system, making it harder for positive vibes to reach you. One of the most hazardous sources of this negativity is believed to be electromagnetic fields emitted by gadgets.

Because of this absence of EMF interference, Amazonite is said to improve general cellular health. It accelerates cell regeneration, according to some practitioners. The advantages of this method are particularly noticeable after an accident or while recuperating from an illness.

Better cell regeneration, on the other hand, may show up in your skin and hair. Many people think that Amazonite may help with skin problems and blisters, as well as giving them more energy and stamina.

Amazonite is also utilized to help with a variety of other biological processes. It may, for example, assist with calcium deficiency, making your bones stronger.

Also the thyroid is believed to have advantages. Hormone production is the responsibility of this gland. Improving thyroid health has the potential to improve metabolism as well as overall biological wellness.

Amazonite is also beneficial to the lungs, heart, and liver, according to several healers. They go out of their way to make it a major part of your body’s natural detoxification process. It is believed that having it in your company may help you get rid of pollutants and enhance your general health.

The emotional benefits of Amazonite

Amazonite, as previously said, is a great stress reliever. The powerful energy clears bad karma and aids in the discharge of negative energies that are weighing you down. It takes action to send positive vibes your way and favors optimism and tranquility on any given day.

Tragically, even a well person can inadvertently let darkness to infiltrate their aura’s deepest wells. Negative feelings has a tendency of finding its way into the gaps and establishing itself.

There are a plethora of advantages to emotional cleansing. Many people say they are more confidence in their ability to control their lives. This stone’s therapeutic qualities do wonders for your ego.

Amazonite may help with a broad mix of reactions, but it works best on fear and timidity. Fear is the adversary of growth and maturity. Your fears of new life experiences only serve to keep you back in life. Even if you aren’t frightened publicly, deep-seated emotions of self-doubt and anxiety will keep you from living your reality.

You may have a “go with the flow” mentality when you take Amazonite for a ride. This stone does more than simply remove worries and instill a sense of peace in your aura. It also necessitates a change in mindset.

Amazonite, like other therapeutic gemstones in the lithotherapy world, may alter your whole perspective on tough circumstances. Rather of hiding in fear, you may take the initiative and confront any challenges with a fresh feeling of self-assurance. It’s a strange sensation that compares to the pulsing energy of other gems.

It’s been compared to a lighthouse among a tangle of stones by others. It instills zeal and zealousness, yet the power of those emotions is more soothing than anything else. Amazonite assists you in weathering the storm and emerging unharmed and ready to rock.

In other terms, Amazonite allows you to be open to change, no matter how frightening the unknown may seem.

The spiritual benefits of Amazonite

Its therapeutic qualities help to maintain the link between the intellect and intuition. Some people mistakenly believe that spirituality entails adhering to a specific philosophy, but this is not the case.

Spirituality emphasizes maturity and wisdom. It’s all about enlightenment’s ever-changing road. Spirituality, contrary to common perception, has no goal. It’s a never-ending search for answers that brings you closer to paradise!

Amazonite is a stone that continually challenges your understanding of the cosmos. The greatest approach to acquire knowledge and awareness is to question everything. This inquiry is aided by Amazonite, which guides you through the labyrinth of intellect and instinct.

One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome on the road to enlightenment is the fear of being judged by some for your own views. It robs you of your identity and makes connecting with cosmic truth harbingers more difficult.

Amazonite liberates you from those constraints when you’re meditating. Its meaning and qualities may free your soul from the constraints of others’ judgment and expectations.

The Amazonite Chakras

Amazonite is a valuable item to have in your metaphysical healing toolbox. This stone’s metaphysical qualities are very stimulating, and it may be used in conjunction with other stones to open all of your chakras.

Amazonite interacts with two of your body’s seven main chakras.

The heart chakra is the first. This energy point, known as “Anahata,” is situated in the middle of the chest wall. The heart chakra is, as you would expect, your center of compassion and love.

The capacity to offer and get unconditional love is governed by the chakra. When it’s obstructed, you may have a lot of relationship problems. It controls how you connect with other people and how you react to what you see and hear in the environment.

Fortunately, Amazonite’s metaphysical characteristics do a good job of getting it open. This energy point resonates with the stone, enabling the vital energy to flow freely through it. You may sense love and compassion around every turn this way.

The heart chakra may also help you experience empathy and tolerance, which can help you improve your relationships.

The throat chakra is then supported by Amazonite. “Vishuddha” is the name of this chakra. It controls your capacity to speak and express oneself honestly and is located on the neck.

This vitality point is very important to your overall health. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked. Fear and inhibitions create life-altering stumbling blocks that hinder you from expressing your true self.

You may begin to feel lonely and disconnected from the individuals with whom you interact the most. It’s as though you’re yelling into the abyss. Despite your greatest attempts, emotional and physical problems with this chakra prohibit you from being heard.

The significance of Amazonite is about being calm and reasonable in the face of adversity. It activates this energy point, enabling you to voice your opinion at all times.

Amazonite zodiac sign

Amazonite may be used by anybody. There are a select zodiac signs, though, who will experience a greater affinity to it.

The first is the sign of Virgo. Amazonite is said to be governed both by Uranus and Virgos, according to certain practitioners.

Those birth sign of the Maiden are dependable and hardworking. They are very cautious in what they do, that is a fantastic quality to have.

Unfortunately, self-doubt may arise as a result of this monitoring. When things don’t go their way, Virgos are known for being harsh on themselves. They may easily spiral into a self-destructive cycle that wrecks their mental health.

Amazonite is a soothing stone with a spiritual significance and characteristics that promote peace and serenity. It encourages Virgos to appreciate what they’ve achieved by taking a step back. It transforms unpleasant emotions into useful life lessons.

The next two zodiac signs are Aries and Leo. Each of these signs have a fiery nature. They’re both self-assured people, with Aries being more easygoing and Leos being more analytical.

Scorpios, according to some healers, may benefit greatly from Amazonite. The key to success with this symbol is peace. Depression and anxiety are common among Scorpios. Amazonite taps on Scorpios’ particular relationship with their own senses to treat those profound emotions.

How to use the Amazonite gemstone?

There are a variety of methods to get Amazonite, thanks to its natural beauty and powerful therapeutic qualities. The stone comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so be free to explore and come up with new ways to incorporate it into your life!

Amazonite can help you in a variety of ways, regardless of how you utilize it.

Wearing it as jewelry is the simplest method of keeping it near. Amazonite is a popular choice for jewelers. It’s appealing for anything from beads to necklaces because of the irregular hues and mottled look.

Amazonite’s qualities may remain inside your auric system and provide defense throughout the day if worn as jewelry. Many people believe that Amazonite jewelry serves as a totem, reminding you to be calm no matter what!

Of course, Amazonite may be carried on its own. This crystal may be purchased in its natural state or as polished stones.

Rocks that are loose are simple to throw into a pocket or bag. For those times when you need to be strong, use it as an anxiety stone! You may also include it into your meditation practice.

Meditation stones are simple to use and integrate into your daily routine. To get direct energy infusion, just put the stones on your heart or throat chakra. This is a wonderful opportunity to think on the significance of this stone and be inspired by it.

Finally, Amazonite may be used as a simple ornamental piece in your house.

This stone is compatible with Feng Shui principles. Water is its element, and it symbolizes calm and peaceful power. In the house, the stone also represents natural cleansing.

Surround your home with a few loose rocks or big stones. The crystal will continue to emit healing energy, producing a pool of positive energy that will overflow.

What is the Crystal Structure of Amazonite gemstone?

Amazonite is a gemstone found in Brazil. It has been found that it is composed of orthoclase feldspar, microcline feldspar, quartz, and epidote.

Amazonite is a green rock that has a shiny appearance like the Amazon river. It can also be called Amazon stone because it looks like the water of the Amazon river. It looks almost transparent and has a minty green color with white streaks on top of it.

Amazonite geological specifications

You can learn more about the specifications here.

How to Identify Amazonite by Sight?

Amazonite is a variety of microcline, which is a type of feldspar. The name comes from the Amazon River, whose sands were once thought to contain the mineral.

Amazonite can be distinguished from other feldspars by its color, which ranges from light to dark green and even blue-green. It is also transparent due to its lack of iron and titanium. This makes it easy to identify on sight because it does not have any distinctive features that would make it stand out from other minerals. However, when viewed under a microscope, amazonite has unique lines that run parallel to the long axis of the stone.

Example of Amazonite pendant

Feldspar typically occurs in igneous rocks like granite and syenite while amazonite can also be found in metamorphic

A mineral that is easier to identify than others, Amazonite appears in shades of green and white. It is often mistaken for other minerals like:

  • Calcite
  • Hydrocerussite
  • Hematite
  • Malachite
  • Pyrite

How much does the Amazonite cost?

The cost of the Amazonite varies depending on the size and quality. For example, most stones of this type are up to 12 carats in weight, while others can be up to 1000 carats. The price for a 12-carat stone would be around $600-$800, while for a 1000-carat stone it would be about $8000-$10000

How to take care of the Amazonite stone?

Cleaning is essential for this stone, as it is for most others in the crystal world.

Cleaning entails a lot more than just removing physical stains and dullness. Every time you use Amazonite, it goes through a lot. It makes a concerted effort to deflect the bulk of dark energy far from you.

Amazonite, although robust by nature, has its limitations. Cleaning the stone helps to re-energize and replenish its qualities, allowing it to continue serving you effectively.

There are a few options for cleaning it. The first is to make use of plain old water! For a few minutes, soak the stone in lukewarm water. You may polish the surface and restore its shine by giving it a thorough rub throughout the procedure.

Avoid using bleach or chemical cleansers! Using aggressive products will only cause the stone to deteriorate. If you wish, you may use a very light soap. It is not, however, required.

All you need is water! You may dry it off in a few minutes in the water. It’ll be all right!

Allowing it to sunbathe for several hours is another option. The sun is the most powerful source of energy on the planet!

Keep an eye on the gemstone and don’t leave it out too long.

Final thoughts

On many levels, the fundamental Amazonite concept of peace and serenity is inspirational. Finding some peace in the midst of the turmoil is among the most difficult tasks many of us face.

And this stone may assist you.

Amazonite is among the most popular crystal healing stones, and it’s no coincidence. It just works!

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