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Black Moonstone

In this article about Black Moonstone, we will first tell you about the history of the Black Moonstone introduce you to the different characteristics of this gemstone, describe and explain the healing properties and uses, and we will end this article by explaining its price and how to recognize this gemstone.

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

What is a Black Moonstone gemstone?

Hundreds of years ago, Black Moonstone was used to treat a wide range of illnesses. It was thought by both the Greeks and the Romans that Moonstone was formed from the hardened beams of the moon.

Moonstone is available in a range of various hues, each with its own own set of qualities. As far as Moonstones go, Black Moonstone is a relatively recent finding.

Black Moonstone was found in Madagascar only a few years ago, and it’s the only place you can get real Black Moonstone. Black Moonstone that is for sale and purports to have originated from a country other than Madagascar is probably not genuine.

As with other Moonstone variations, black Moonstone seems to shine from inside. Adularescence and chatoyance are the two optical processes that give Moonstone its ethereal glow and mystery. These two qualities are brought about by iridescence or reflected light immediately under the stone’s surface.

Despite its name, this stone is seldom a real black. The majority of Black Moonstones have gray, brown, and pink lines and swirls. Each of these distinct colored lines corresponds to a certain chakra. These properties are what make them such a potent healing gemstone.

Black Moonstone meaning

As its name indicates, Black Moonstone’s significance and qualities are inextricably linked to the moon or its lunar cycles. As a result, it is a very valuable healing stone for ladies and feminine ailments. Additionally, Black Moonstone is an excellent gemstone for motivating girls to achieve their greatest selves.

The primary Black Moonstone meaning promotes fresh beginnings, new life, and the confidence to pursue aspirations and objectives. As a result, it is the ideal stone to use when you feel the want to experiment.

We propose this stone to everyone who desires and has the courage to look inside. When you incorporate the significance of Black Moonstone into your daily healing practice, you may experience self-discovery, creative inspiration, inner progress, and calm.

If you want some assistance in combating bad energy and feelings that are impeding your progress, Black Moonstone is an excellent alternative. This stone is said to shield the aura of the wearer from the negative of others.

According to the astrological significance of Black Moonstone, it’s a wind-element stone linked to the number 4 and the color black.

Black Moonstone Healing Properties

Although Black Moonstone is indeed a relatively recent crystal in the world of crystal healing, it is already well-known for its extensive therapeutic capabilities and advantages. Users of this stone often report experiencing healing on all levels: physical, mental, spiritual, and metaphysical.

Whether you wear it as jewelry, combine it with other stones, or just set it in your home, the virtues of Black Moonstone may be a powerful ally in your healing path.

The physical benefits of Black Moonstone

Due to the fact that black moonstone is connected with all thing feminine, many skilled practitioners find its potent healing abilities beneficial for women’s concerns. This includes, but is not restricted to, menstrual pains, fertility, pregnancy, and labor.

Practitioners believe Black Moonstone to be a really helpful therapeutic aid for digestive system issues as well. If you suffer from gastric reflux, colon difficulties, or stomach or gut illnesses, this stone could be able to assist you in your recovery journey.

Additionally, this potent gemstone is said to provide comfort to those suffering from kidney stone, spleen problems, scratchy throats, speech abnormalities, and even headaches. Some people believe that Black Moonstone has the ability to treat respiratory ailments including colds and bronchitis.

The emotional benefits of Black Moonstone

It is not an understatement to suggest that everyone carries emotional baggage with them at some time in their lives. Whether they are surface-level or deeply buried, emotional difficulties may act as roadblocks to progress and a feeling of self-worth. The use of Black Moonstone for healing and recovery is said to provide deep and long-lasting effects.

The therapeutic characteristics of Black Moonstone may assist you in identifying the source of intense emotions, allowing you to confront them with bravery, grounding, and intuition. Indeed, this gem is ideal for honing your sense rather than depending just on your mind.

For those whose self-esteem has been lowered by others’ remarks and actions, Black Moonstone may be an effective remedy. When used with the proper aim, this stone is said to strengthen your sense of self, making it much easier to shut out negative ideas that may be undermining your self image.

If you’re searching for a stone to aid with anxiety and tension, Black Moonstone is an excellent choice.

The spiritual benefits of Black Moonstone

If you’re seeking for a healing stone that may significantly enhance your spiritual connections, Black Moonstone may be the stone for you. While it is true that we all seek for a sound intellect in a healthy body, it is important to remember to build the soul as well.

Black Moonstone has been said to enhance one’s spiritual powers and connection with higher entities. Utilizing this crystal may even assist you in discovering your innate abilities like clairvoyance, telekinesis, mind reading, and even mental projection.

The Black Moonstone Chakras

Black Moonstone is a fantastic meditation or healing stone to have with you. When you meditate with this lovely stone, it’s not unusual to get a feeling of serenity and anchoring as you think on its significance.

For instance, Black Moonstone’s peach-colored veins correspond to the navel chakra. Utilizing this stone with the goal of resolving issues with the third chakra may assist you in resolving issues with your chi flow. Additionally, the navel topic is related with feminine and digestive disorders, and Black Diamond is said to have a significant impact on both of these regions.

Additionally, black moonstone is associated with the crown, third eye, and sacral chakras.

Black Moonstone zodiac sign

As is the case with the majority of therapeutic stones, black moonstone is associated with certain zodiac signs. While anybody who uses Black Moonstone will undoubtedly profit, the signs of Disease, Libra, & Scorpio have a unique love for it.

Cancerians may greatly benefit from Black Moonstone’s capacity to aid in anchoring, intuition, personal development, and stress reduction. Black Moonstone is well-known for its propensity to boost psychic talents, making it an ideal stone for extremely intuitive and psychically inclined Cancers.

Melanoma is a planet sign, which means that Black Moonstone may really foster their more feminine, nurturing natures. As a Cancer gem, the sensitivity and grounding it provides will prevent them from being overpowering or dictatorial.

Due to its ability to shield against bad ideas and vibrations, its inclination to increase empathy others for, and its capacity to inspire and promote fresh beginnings, Black Moonstone may be an excellent healing stone for Libras.

Scorpios are recognized for their strong intuitive abilities, which might benefit from the intuitive vibrations and qualities of Black Moonstone. The feminine side of Black Diamond has the ability to balance out a Scorpio’s sometimes resentful, envious, and darker personality.

What is the Crystal Structure of Black Moonstone gemstone?

Combining Black Moonstone with other stones is a very effective method to utilize it. Different combinations create varying outcomes, so let’s have a look at a few examples.

When it comes to electromagnetic sensitivities, we recommend combining your Black Diamond with Aegirine, Flint, Black Opal, or Smoky Quartz.

Are you looking for a burst in creativity from some crystals? Then take your Black Moonstone and experiment using Iolite, Serandite, Picasso Limestone, or Sunstone as a companion stone.

To enhance your feeling of synchronicity or coincidence in everyday life, consider pairing Black Moonstone with the other stones such as Ruby, Malachite, Snowflake Onyx, or Violet Lepidolite.

How to Identify Black Moonstone by Sight?

Again, black moonstone is a very pretty gemstone and so it can be hard to distinguish from typical moonstone. However, there are still some ways you can tell if the stone being sold to you for healing purposes is true black moonstone or not:

The name “Black Moonstone” applies only when the stones were mined in Burma (Burma). This means that white moonsite will never appear as this color due to exposure of its various crystal phases through millions of years of purification and crystallization processes within these chalcedony’s cavities.

How much does the Black Moonstone cost?

Moonstone is valued between $5 and $50 per carat. It can be less than this, however the border between gemstone and non-gemstone material is rather blurred, which sometimes results in mix-ups on the lower end of the spectrum.

What Are the Properties of Peach Moonstone Compared to Black Moonstone?

Peach moonstone properties include its soft peach hue and its connection to the divine feminine energy. It is believed to promote emotional healing, intuition, and calmness. On the other hand, black moonstone possesses a mysterious charm with its dark tones. It is known for grounding and protective qualities. Both stones offer unique properties while reflecting their distinct colors.

How to take care of the Black Moonstone?

One thing to keep in mind while working with healing stones is that they must be washed on a routine basis. When your Black Moonstone journeys beside you on your healing path, it will absorb a great deal of negativity and various forms of energy blockage. This may significantly reduce its efficacy over time.

Cleaning your Black Diamond does not need any special tools or expertise. Indeed, the whole procedure is fairly straightforward. The modest amount of time you devote to crystal maintenance will truly pay off.

Because Black Moonstone represents fresh beginnings, the optimum time to cleanse it is at night during the lunar cycle’s new moon phase.

Fill a basin halfway with cool water and add a pinch of mild, natural soap. Some people add salts, however salt may cause harm to particular stones, thus we do not recommend it.

In the basin, place your Black Marble and let it to soak for a few minutes. The dish should then be placed on a ledge where Black Moonstone may absorb the new moon’s vitality.

Rinse the crystal well in warm water in the morning and gently pat dry. Until you’re ready to utilize your Black Moonstone, keep it in a felt-lined box.

Final thoughts

In today’s world, the symbolism of Black Moonstone is more relevant than ever. Things are changing at a breakneck pace, and each of us has a plethora of options.

That is why carrying a stone at your side to assist you in making the leap and forging forward is always beneficial! We strongly suggest it regardless of your level of expertise with crystal healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my black moonstone is real?

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry, then black moonstone might be the perfect option for you. This gem is made from a type of moonstone that is supposedly darker in color than other moonstones, and it is said to have many magical properties.

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