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Ocean Jasper

In this article about Ocean Jasper, we will first tell you about the history of the Ocean Jasper, introduce you to the different characteristics of this gemstone, describe and explain the healing properties and uses, and we will end this article by explaining its price and how to recognize this gemstone.

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

What is a Ocean Jasper gemstone?

Ocean Jasper is a precious stone that healers and collectors consider to be worth their weight in gold! Cellular Jasper, also known as the Atlantis Stone or Sea Jasper, is a visually attractive stone with a wide range of aesthetics.

No two Ocean Jasper samples are identical. There are cuts with primary blue, gray, and cream hues, among others. Swirling waves and orbiting inserts of brilliant yellow or orange provide a mesmerizing exhibition of nature’s untamed ingenuity. The exquisite gemstone is aesthetically pleasing and varied enough to earn its coveted position.

Despite its popularity among practitioners of crystal therapy, it is difficult to get. It was originally discovered in Madagascar in 1922. Since it was so difficult to get to, this one Ocean Jasper source rapidly became extinct.

Ocean Jasper would be lost to humankind for about eight decades! It was found and mined extensively in the 1990s.

This stone’s rarity is due to the fact that there is just one known mine. Madagascar’s mine is located at the foot of a cliff near a beach. Only at low tide can you get to the mine by boat, which makes things much more difficult!

Once it was discovered, mining operations sprung into action in a bid for maximum extraction. In 2006, the solitary mine was judged too hazardous and was almost exhausted. As a consequence, the only Ocean Jasper stones available for purchase now are old stock or collectibles from past owners.

Ocean Jasper’s chemical composition is quite basic. Silicon dioxide mineral that belongs to the Quartz family.

Ocean Jasper meaning

The significance of Ocean Jasper focuses on the idea of duality. Ocean Jasper is formed when lava and water meet.

In ancient volcanoes, this rare material developed into the beautiful stones we know today. Lava poured into the ocean, where it cooled and solidified. As this occurred, silica precipitated from the lava. Geologists think this mechanism was responsible for the creation of the orbital inclusions and peculiar color patterns.

The collision of extreme heat and a surge of cold ocean water produced one of the world’s most stunning stones! Two opposing components together to create something exceptional.

It may energize you when you’re feeling down or chill you down when you need calming support. Protecting your auric field is made easier by the stone’s dual nature.

Ocean Jasper Healing Properties

It is stated that Ocean Jasper’s medicinal powers have a holistic influence on the mind, body, and spirit. As one of the most unusual and rare healing stones in existence, it is believed that its vibrational energy will nourish the soul and give continual support anytime it is required.

Here are just a few ways this stone may improve your life.

The physical benefits of Ocean Jasper

The physical therapeutic powers of Ocean Jasper are not as well-known. Nevertheless, many crystal practitioners think that this stone has much to give your physical body.

As a stone that controls the tides, one of the most unique benefits people look for is relief from seasickness. Some claim that carrying the stone with you on a boat trip can help you maintain your balance and enjoy the journey more.

Additionally, Ocean Jasper is claimed to assist with water retention. It is a popular among individuals who indulge in hydrotherapy and salt baths. Utilizing this stone in water-based treatments in an effort to optimize its benefits is a frequent method of utilizing it.

Many healers assert that Ocean Jasper directly enhances organ function and general circulation. They think that this is due to its ability to enhance the efficiency of the lymphatic system, so increasing the outflow of potentially harmful pollutants.

Meanwhile, it is believed that vitamins and supplements are absorbed more efficiently. Practitioners believe that receiving the stone’s energy enhances the absorption of the daily vitamins and minerals consumed.

When combined with other healing stones, it is thought that Ocean Jasper has even more distinct physical advantages. An upset stomach may be soothed and thyroid issues alleviated by combining Ocean Jasper with Scapolite gemstones, for example.

The emotional benefits of Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper’s influence and healing abilities have the greatest effect on your heart and intellect, without question. This stone is sought after by crystal healers for its capacity to create calm and pleasure.

As previously said, its duality distinguishes it from other jewels. It combines the fiery and tranquil energies of fire and water.

Ocean Jasper’s characteristics and symbolism may foster a feeling of optimism in times of despondency or apathy. If you’ve been in a dark place, it might lift you out of it and inspire you to find your purpose!

On the opposite side of the symbol, it might represent the warm embrace of affection. It calms the spirit and welcomes compassion, support, and happiness into one’s life.

There is nothing wrong with empathy and altruism. However, sometimes you must do what is best for you! Ocean Jasper serves as a reminder of its significance and provides the ability to perceive one’s own divinity.

The spiritual benefits of Ocean Jasper

Regardless of one’s spirituality, Ocean Jasper’s qualities have the capacity to alter one’s religious outlook.

Everyone has a religious crisis at some time. Sometimes, even the entire notion of good and wrong comes into doubt. In the face of adversity, we tend to focus on the negatives rather than the positives and linger on our suffering.

Ocean Jasper brings insight and illumination. It encourages “going with the flow!” The ups and downs of life are comparable to the ebb and flow of ocean waves. This stone’s symbolism serves as a reminder that you must persevere and accept all that the path brings. Failure to do so will result in your death by asphyxiation.

Life is not about knowing everything! The focus is on the ride!

Ocean Jasper does not diminish one’s spirituality. It allows your thoughts to fly and explore all of the universe’s possibilities! The fresh perspective on life’s difficulties inspires you to pursue enlightenment and attain spiritual joy.

The Ocean Jasper Chakras

When it comes to spiritual characteristics, Ocean Jasper has a tendency for activating your chakras! Its radiant energy enters your auric field, improving the condition of your energy flow!

Ocean Jasper, being a multifaceted stone, may stimulate and support three separate chakras.

Second, it’s a wonderful stone to help open and balance your chakras. For the most part, people ignore this energetic point. However, it is also among the most essential! The solar plexus chakra, referred known in Sanskrit as Manipura, is the seat of your personal strength!

The metaphysical characteristics of Ocean Jasper maintain the energy flow through this chakra, fostering emotions of inner power. It might give you the courage to confront your concerns and learn from your previous errors. Instead of dwelling on the past, you might gather the strength to tackle life’s obstacles with fresh eyes by learning from inner turmoil.

Ocean Jasper is also excellent for boosting the heart chakra. This chakra, known as Anahata, regulates your passion, compassion, and forgiveness.

Numerous individuals struggle with love and optimism. When all we have to rely on are terrible memories and tumultuous relationships, it is not difficult to see why we succumb to negativity. Sadly, this leads many to construct walls that prohibit anybody from entering.

Ocean Jasper is a calming stone that aids in letting go of painful memories. It instills optimism and hope, allowing you to offer and accept love.

Ocean Jasper leaves its last impression on the throat chakra. This chakra, known as Vishuddha, is important with communication and self-expression.

Blockages may lead to feelings of isolation, shyness, and emotional inaccessibility. There are times when your comments come out as harsh or dishonest because of a problem with your third eye chakra.

Ocean Jasper zodiac sign

No matter your zodiac sign, Ocean Jasper has plenty to offer. Its effects are not limited to any one sign. Many believe that this stone has tremendous power for fire & water signs, yet it is a globally potent stone that can be used by anybody.

Ocean Jasper’s characteristics and emotional benefits are particularly advantageous for Capricorns.

Naturally gloomy and anticipating the worst from life, Capricorns might get easily buried in their own thoughts. On the other side, it gives them the ability to deal with adversity. They are not very emotional and hardly reveal their actual nature.

Capricorns may have a hard time experiencing pleasure and love because of this constant barrier. Ocean Jasper’s characteristics and significance assist Capricorns overcome these obstacles and learn to appreciate the light.

It also gives safety, allowing Capricorns to securely explore their emotions.

What is the Crystal Structure of Ocean Jasper gemstone?

The crystal structure of ocean jasper is considered to consist of a large number of prismatic fibers. This occurs when the quartz crystal is overturned from its usual face-to-face orientation, thus causing thousands of hexagonal inclusions which fill it with parallel faces and corners. These boundaries create flat surfaces allowing for shock absorption as well as an increase energy carrying capacity by creating larger voids.

How to Identify Ocean Jasper by Sight?

The ocean jasper gem is of a bright, green jasper quartz which has veins of black and white. Sometimes this stone forms in large rosettes that resemble water lilies or celtlae flowers eying the ocean floor on a calm day near shorelines.

How much does the Ocean Jasper cost?

Ocean jasper is hard to find, causing the stone to sell at a premium of tens of thousands of dollars in some places.

It only makes sense that ocean jasper gemstone comes at an expensive price tag because ocean jasper quartz crystal has a unique healing properties that instantaneously heal emotional issues.

What is the Difference Between Green Jasper and Ocean Jasper?

Green jasper gemstone properties and uses differ from those of ocean jasper. Green jasper is known for its healing properties, promoting abundance and growth. It is often used to cleanse and balance the heart chakra. On the other hand, ocean jasper is believed to enhance spiritual growth and bring joy and positivity into one’s life.

How to take care of the Ocean Jasper?

Many ocean jasper quartz crystal healers use the stone for meditation and healing purposes. All ocean jasper quartz crystal healing products should be cleaned by running water in order to bring out the ultimate healing properties of this gemstone.

Final thoughts

In addition to its unique symbolism, Ocean Jasper has significant therapeutic powers that may help just about everyone. In order to deliver you the assistance you need, its root of harmony aids it in doing so.

We hope you’ve liked this tutorial and have a solid idea of the advantages Ocean Jasper may bring to your life. Regardless of how difficult it may be to get, the work is well worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ocean Jasper good for?

Ocean Jasper is a type of Jasper that is found in the ocean. It is often used in crystal healing and has many purported health benefits. Some of the benefits include weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, reduction in stress, and improved brain function.

Is Ocean Jasper toxic to wear?

There is no concrete answer as to whether Ocean Jasper is toxic to wear, as it depends on the type and concentration of the Jasper. However, it is generally advised not to wear Jasper that is of a high concentration, as it could be harmful if swallowed. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid contact with the Jasper if it is wet or has been in water. As with any piece of jewelry, it is best to take appropriate precautions if you are concerned about its potential toxicity.

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