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In this article about Opalite, we will first tell you about the history of the Opalite, introduce you to the different characteristics of this gemstone, describe and explain the healing properties and uses, and we will end this article by explaining its price and how to recognize this gemstone.

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

What is a Opalite gemstone?

Despite their names being similar, Opalite is unrelated to Opal. Opalite is a man-made stone composed of glass and other metals, with the addition of resin and other components. A baby blue hue is the most frequent, although it may also come in a variety of pastel hues such as yellow and lavender.

Opalite, unlike many other gemstones, has no glorious past dating back through the centuries. There are no old myths or tales associated with this stone, since it has only been present for a few decades. However, because to its beauty, therapeutic qualities, and affordable price, it has swiftly garnered a dedicated following.

It was only after the discovery of Opal’s atomic structure in 1974 that scientists were able to attempt to replicate it in a lab environment. Since the 1980’s, Opalite has been a popular choice for jewelry designers and natural healers.

Green Opalite is a naturally occurring variety of Opalite. However, this kind is very uncommon, and the vast majority of Opalites sold in shops or online are synthetic.

Opalite, although being man-made, has therapeutic powers that are comparable to those of many natural stones, such as amethyst and citrine.

Opalite meaning

For a stone with such a little history, Opalite has amassed a slew of nicknames. Probably the most prominent moniker is Tiffany Stone, since the stone’s hue evokes images of the famed Tiffany store’s baby blue wrapping paper. Other names include Opalized Fluorite, Ice Cream Opal, and Purple Opal.

Some call it Sea Opal or perhaps Moonstone. This is a little deceptive, and adopting these names is frequently a ploy for dishonest gemstone merchants to convince customers to overpay for Opalite.

Opalite’s soft, relaxing vibrations make it an excellent gemstone for anxiety.

Opalite Healing Properties

In spite of Opalite’s rarity, it is well recognized as a powerful healing stone for a wide range of ailments. Any natural healer who works with crystals will know how Opalite can help people with emotional and spiritual problems.

Opalite is a powerful healing stone that may assist you in facing challenges with more bravery, communicating more effectively with others, mending a variety of health concerns, channeling your inner strength, and improving your love life. Indeed, it is often regarded as one of the greatest gemstones for love.

The physical benefits of Opalite

Opalite, for example, is often associated with spiritual healing, but it may also be utilized to achieve a variety of physical health advantages. To help you recover from a number of physical conditions, natural healers utilize Opalite alone or in combination with another crystal. Bear in mind that doing this form of therapy on your own is not suggested if you really want the finest outcomes. Engage the assistance of a knowledgeable individual to assist you in developing a recovery plan.

Opalite is said to be beneficial for a variety of health conditions, including breathing difficulties such as asthma, cardiac rhythms, cysts, and fibroids. It is also used by some to aid in the healing process after an injury by enhancing blood oxygenation, cleansing the blood and kidneys, and combating fever and infection.

The emotional benefits of Opalite

When anything goes wrong with one aspect of your overall fitness, it often triggers a cascade of other problems. The same is true for emotional difficulties. Without emotional well-being and harmony, your spiritual, bodily, and metaphysical lives will suffer. Opalite is a good stone for mending emotional disorders ranging from the very basic to the deeply entrenched and complicated.

Opalite is a gemstone that you should include into your everyday healing regimen. It is a powerful healing tool with the ability to favorably impact practically every element of your human emotions.

The purpose of this enhanced self-awareness is to assist you in overcoming inhibitions, improving communication with others, and making more informed and rational judgments. This may also make accepting and dealing with life events and choices simpler.

Opalite can help you heal if you’ve been feeling that your personal relationships haven’t been as good as they should be. This stone’s therapeutic powers might help you maintain a more positive outlook on life and the people in it. You’ll gain confidence in talking with people, which is critical for any kind of good interaction.

Opalite is also known for its ability to assist in the ignition of things in the bedroom. Do you feel the need to add some spice to your life? Utilize this stone to aid in the treatment of impotence, sexual anxieties, phobias, and other associated conditions. It is also stated that using Opalite enhances sexual experiences and relations.

Also, Opalite can help with insomnia and nightmares, reduce mental fog and fatigue, improve your communication skills, and help you make better decisions.

The spiritual benefits of Opalite

Spiritual strength and health are sometimes ignored aspects of well-being. However, spiritual well-being is inextricably linked to physical and emotional well-being. We adore Opalite because it enables us to attain a degree of greater awareness that we never imagined was possible. Let your soul soar with the help of this stone’s therapeutic abilities!

With Opalite, you may achieve a better yin-yang energy balance and clear your auric field. Opalite also helps with former life regression.

The Opalite Chakras

An great stone for chakra work and research, opal’s metaphysical characteristics make it a must-have for any serious practitioner of meditation. People say this stone can clear energy blocks in meridians and chakras. It also seems to resonate with a lot of different chakras.

Although this stone is most often associated with the third eye and crown chakras, it may affect other chakras as well. Blue Opalite, for example, is often linked with the throat chakra, whereas Green Opalite is associated with the heart chakra.

During meditation, one efficient approach to utilize Opalite is to lay it right on the chakra you are concentrating on. You may also hold it in your hands or set it next to you on the mat.

Opalite zodiac sign

Natural healing may be enhanced by including this stone into your daily routine for those born under the sign of Cancer. There is little doubt that the healing energies of Opalite may assist anyone born under any sign of the zodiac, but it appears to have a specific affinity for Cancers.

Let us take a quick look at the one-of-a-kind interaction that Cancer has with Opalite. Each zodiac sign has unique characteristics, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. Some of these features are favorable, while others are detrimental.

Numerous Cancers seem to struggle with expressing their actual emotions. This complicates the process of developing a meaningful and enduring connection. Opalite’s meaning may assist Cancers in opening up by allowing them to explore and confront the causes behind their more reserved feelings. Once this occurs, Cancers get the confidence and trust necessary to express their emotions more openly and lovingly.

On the bright side, Cancers are considered to be very loyal to those they care about. This is a compelling argument to strengthen connections by developing the ability to speak openly from the heart.

What is the Crystal Structure of Opalite gemstone?

You can think of all the ways Opalite could help you when it’s paired with another stone that can help you heal. By combining the two stones, an energy relationship is formed, with one stone increasing the attributes of the other.

Consider the following gemstones when combining Opalite. Bear in mind that this is a far from exhaustive list. If you’re interested in exploring other choices, we recommend contacting a qualified natural healer.

Opalite really complements two different varieties of natural Opals rather nicely.

Opalite and Blue Peruvian Opal are an excellent combination if you want to enhance your intuition, higher thinking, or psychic abilities. This duo will work together to open your third-eye chakra, allowing you more insight and comprehension. These stones could make you want to do more and be more excited about life.

Clear Quartz, a healing crystal that pairs nicely with almost any other stone, is a wonderful option for matching with Opalite. Whatever your therapeutic requirements or goals, Clear Quartz will assist Opalite in operating at its maximum capacity.

Opalite is a therapeutic stone said to be particularly associated with the astrological sign of Illness. Carnelian, the Cancer birthstone, is an apparent and powerful companion stone to Opalite. Carnelian, like Fire Opal, has the ability to bring out the user’s more fiery and passionate side.

Finally, it is said that mixing Opalite with Goldstone increases determination, inventiveness, and inner toughness. It is also possible to match these stones with Labradorite, Amethyst and Citrine as well as Tigers Eye and Pyrite.

How to Identify Opalite by Sight?

Opalite’s gemstone properties establish an unmistakable reoccurring theme. With a purple glowing color and metallic luster, opalite is usually identified easily at first glance by its “out of this world” optical properties.

Aside from it being one-of-a kind in character, opalite exhibits several key common characteristics when found amongst natural stones that are much less distinctive than those exhibited by opalites themselves.

How much does the Opalite cost?

At times opalite may sell in large quantities, but these stones are typically either displayed or sold as natural specimens. Due to opalites being a stone of extreme rarity, they tend to sell out quickly and at high prices when compared to gemstone varieties with equally beautiful properties like amethyst quartz crystal; however the actual cost of opalite varies depending on quality level – extremely rare (rare-cut) pieces can price even if well over US $200 each piece!

How to take care of the Opalite?

Many individuals are unaware of how critical it is to cleanse their healing crystals on a regular basis. Opalite absorbs a great deal of negativity and negative energy over time. Get one of the following methods to eliminate unwanted vibrations from your stone in order to maintain it healthy and functioning at its best capability

If you haven’t used your Opalite in a while or when you first acquire it, we suggest cleaning it. If you use it everyday, we recommend cleaning it around once a month.

Opalite’s symbolism and healing powers have the potential to transform your practice for the rest of your life, so keep this in mind as you incorporate them. In the same manner that your Opalite looks for you, you must do the same for it. One method to demonstrate this concern is to wash your stone.

Smudging your Opalite in the smoke of a medicinal herb such as sage, sweetgrass, cedar, frankincense, or lavender is a popular and easy method to cleanse it. In addition to cleansing your stone, the smoke from these holy plants might also have a healing effect on you.

Another efficient method of cleansing Opalite is to use a Quartz container. Clusters, geodes, and druses are all effective. Simply lay your rock in the container and let it overnight, preferable. Additionally, selenite plates may be utilized for this type of detoxification.

Another popular way to cleanse and charge your Opalite is to place it in the sunshine or moonlight. Allow your Opalite to sit on a window to receive the source of light of your choice. If you’re going to leave it in the sun, let several hours. Simply rotate your stone on a regular basis. Opalite may be left overnight under the moonlight.

The brown rice method, which involves submerging the opalit in a bowl, has also been reported to work rather effectively. Because of the stone’s negative and poisonous vibrations, rice is said to absorb them. After many hours of soaking your Opalite in rice, discard the rice.

While many therapeutic stones may be washed with water, many practitioners feel that Opalite should not be. Opalite is fragile and includes fissures that may be harmed over time by water contact.

Whichever strategy you choose is irrelevant. The greatest general rule is to attempt to have an understanding of how your stone desires to be cleaned. After some time working with your Opalite, you should get an intuitive understanding for what it requires. Each time you wash your stone, you have a chance to strengthen your bond.

Final thoughts

We like Opalite’s connotation because it is really optimistic and hopeful. Because this stone has healing properties, you’ll be sure to see a benefit if you put them into use in your practice.

We hope you find this guide to be informative and that it has sparked your interest in trying out this stone. It’s a personal favorite of ours, and we believe you will agree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is opalite stone good for?

Opalite stone is a type of gemstone that has a variety of natural colors and is often used as an ornamental item. It is also said to have mystical properties that can help improve one’s health and well-being.

Is opalite a good crystal?

Yes, opalite is a good crystal! Opalite is a type of chalcedony that is found in various shades of green, blue, and brown. It is often confused with other types of chalcedony, but its distinguishing feature is its transparency. This makes opalite a popular choice for jewelry, as it can be layered to create different colors and effects.

Is opalite a real gemstone?

Opalite is not a gemstone, but it is a popular choice for jewelry due to its fire and iridescence. Opalite is a type of amethyst that is composed of water and mineral fragments. It can be found in various colors, but is most commonly seen as blue, green, or purple. Opalite is not a true gemstone, but it is often treated as such due to its rarity and sparkling beauty.

Is opalite a love stone?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as opinions will vary. Some people believe that opalite is a love stone because of its metaphysical properties, while others believe that it is simply a beautiful stone that is often used to enhance relationships. From what is known, opalite is a type of jasper that is found in various colors and can often be seen in the rough form. It is said to have various healing properties, including the ability to promote happiness and love.

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