Orgonite Pyramid Blue Turquoise + Tiger Eye Ball


Orgonite Pyramid Blue Turquoise + Tiger Eye Ball
Orgonite Pyramid Blue Turquoise + Tiger Eye Ball 28.00 

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Each pyramid we create takes negative Orgone energy, which is often a by-product of electrical equipment, converts it and then radiates beneficial, healing and much needed positive energy on its top side. We suggest placing the pyramid as low as possible on the floor of your home, as we do not want all the bad energy from the environment to pass through the body.

We have a wide selection of handmade pyramids. It is up to you to decide which one you prefer, but remember that each one contains unique substances that treat certain problems.

Turquoise is considered a great healing stone. It is well known to bring good fortune, pleasure and money, and to aid in the healing process. It protects the body from harmful factors to provide strength, protection from evil, mental awareness and connection to the spiritual world. Because of the rarity of blue minerals, turquoise is attracting attention in the gemstone industry. The most beautiful shade of turquoise is sky blue.

It is the first stone in the history of our civilization. Take this stone with you if you are a driver or if you want to travel. It helps to prevent accidents, especially falls. Holding or wearing a turquoise stone helps to recover depleted energies and to lift depressed moods. It helps relieve stress and redirects attention to the heart.


Tiger’s eye is a protective stone that is both nourishing and soothing. It strengthens integrity, bravery, soulfulness, pragmatism and the careful use of authority. It is a stone that promotes good fortune, which translates into money. It keeps one focused on the decisions one makes in life, no matter how slowly one makes decisions; one must be emotionally healthy to make the right choices. With this stone nearby, daily life can become more serene and comfortable.

If you are surrounded by bad energy and people who are not beneficial to you, and you feel stuck, this stone can quickly resolve and transform that. You will quickly discover that there are only positive people and areas in your life. If you are unable to find satisfaction in anything, you are surrounded by bad energy that needs to be cleared instantly.

It is beneficial to wear this stone to dispel such influences. It allows you to live a calm life by attracting good people who, in turn, make you a more positive person.



  • Attracting prosperity and good fortune
  • Driver safety when traveling
  • Stimulating good energy inside and out
  • Improving self-esteem Increasing your authoritativeness
  • Enhancing feelings
  • Reflecting on hatred or intimidation others direct at you
  • Absorbing energy that is dense or dark
  • Assisting in the absorption of environmental contaminants
  • Promoting emotional balance
  • Reducing stress
  • Getting rid of fear, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Bring clarity to perplexing situations
  • Eliminate doubts
  • Promote mental awareness

Chakra Association

The chakra represents the phenomenal power of the cosmos within each of us. Our body, mind and soul would suffer if even one of the seven chakras were out of balance or twisted. As the chakras open and energy flows out, one chakra serves another, and a steady flow of energy circulates through our bodies, giving us energy and control, strengthening our immune system and maintaining a balanced emotional state.

When placed on the third eye, the tiger’s eye improves supersensitivity and helps balance the lower chakras by accelerating the rise of kundalini energy. Tiger’s eye is the best gemstone for the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Keeping tiger’s eye close by helps balance male and female energies, Yin and Yang. Tiger’s eye can also be used to enhance many forms of psychic abilities, including clairvoyance, astral travel and distance vision.

Turquoise is useful for fatigue, lethargy, self-realization and panic attacks. This stone represents total and unadulterated affection, just like a genuine and lasting friendship. If a romantic partner or friend is not beneficial to the wearer of the stone, they will eventually withdraw from their lives, as the stone rejects anything that is not beneficial.


Specifications of Pyramid Orgonite Blue Turquoise Tiger’s Eye Ball

Stone: Tiger’s Eye, Turquoise, Sunflower Silver Circle, Gold Leaf, Resin


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5 cm


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