Orgonite Pyramid Tourmaline


Orgonite Pyramid Tourmaline
Orgonite Pyramid Tourmaline $39.90

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You have difficulty controlling your emotions and tensions prevent you from experiencing total happiness. If this is the case, this tourmaline orgonite pyramid is ideal for healing the soul. This protective black stone has the ability to calm living beings. It immediately affects the neurological system to induce a state of deep relaxation. In addition, orgone energy offers good protection against electromagnetic radiation, which is very dangerous for global health. Finally, be aware that tourmaline orgonite is handcrafted to ensure the purity of its benefits.

Specifications, virtues and benefits of our Tourmaline orgonite pyramid

  • Brings peace and deep tranquility
  • Negative waves are cleansed for your well-being Increases your vitality
  • Materials used: Black tourmaline, copper wire (antenna), gold leaf, resin
  • Dimensions: 4cm high and 6cm wide

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6 cm


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