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Pink Tourmaline

In this article about Pink Tourmaline, we will first tell you about the history of the Pink Tourmaline, introduce you to the different characteristics of this gemstone, describe and explain the healing properties and uses, and we will end this article by explaining its price and how to recognize this gemstone.

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

What is a Pink Tourmaline gemstone?

Many people are drawn to pink tourmaline because it is a striking stone. Its romantic colour profile is quite remarkable.

Its hues range from subtle pastel pinks to vibrant magenta. The most saturated cuts are the most valuable. They were also confused for more precious rubies in the past!

Pink Tourmaline’s ultra-vibrant cuts are evocative of Ruby’s crimson colour. This word is used a lot in stories about people who were royalty and thought Pink Tourmaline was more valuable than other stones. This changed, however, with the discovery of Pink Tourmaline as a separate mineral.

Tourmaline is a boron silicate mineral. It appears naturally in a variety of hues. Transparent or completely opaque finishes are available. The majority of cuts contain a combination of transparent and milky bands, producing a stunning finish.

The magnesium and iron component of pink tourmaline gives it its distinctive hue. Trace minerals make the color more interesting.

Natural deposits are found around the earth. There are a lot of samples on the market today that were made in Nigeria, Brazil, Madagascar, Afghanistan, and so on. Namibia unearths several of the most valuable cuts.

This lovely stone is generally accessible and is often seen in conjunction with other Tourmaline hues. It often occurs as inclusions inside milky white Quartz, which makes it quite straightforward to mine. Even with its abundance, Pink Tourmaline’s symbolism and characteristics make it a searched stone among therapists and collectors.

Pink Tourmaline meaning

This stone is indeed a heart healer, resolving the bad emotions that have shaped you for the worse.

When healers need to treat deep-seated pain and emotional anguish, they turn to Pink Tourmaline. Whether you’re dealing with a devastating death or buried memories of childhood, the reassuring significance and therapeutic abilities of this stone assist you in mending and moving forward. Naturally, this does not erase memories or prevent you from learning useful lessons from your suffering.

A significant aspect of its significance is the ability to embrace love and peace in the midst of hardship. It’s simple to wallow in sadness. Allowing oneself to experience such feelings is perfectly OK, but they cannot take control your life.

Pink Tourmaline encourages you to rekindle your zest for life. It encourages healing and tranquility in all of your actions.

This stone emanates love, serenity, and compassion from its center. These emotions may have a cascading influence on your life, assisting you in developing into a more well-rounded individual. Pink Tourmaline is thought of as a stone that helps people grow, understand, and mature.

Pink Tourmaline Healing Properties

Without a doubt, Pink Tourmaline is an exquisite stone on which to rest your sight. It is, however, more than a lovely face.

Practitioners say that underneath the pink exterior lies a reservoir of brilliant energy capable of transforming your life. Here are a few ways that Pink Tourmaline’s therapeutic powers might improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

The physical benefits of Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is often used by healers to access that spring of good love and compassion. However, many believe that its healing powers also have an effect on your physical body. According to practitioners, it has a broad range of benefits, affecting anything from heart – healthy to skin care.

It’s unsurprising that practitioners think Pink Tourmaline enhances the function of the heart as a heart-healing stone. That might help your body’s most important organ work better and keep your blood pressure level stable. Even your arteries and veins may benefit.

Additionally, Pink Tourmaline may aid the lungs, the reproductive system, and the pancreas.

Interestingly, many practitioners assert that Pink Tourmaline’s therapeutic powers harmonize with feminine energy. This nurturing atmosphere is manifested in a variety of ways. However, it is considered that the most powerful manifestation of woman-centered therapy is its control over the menstrual period.

According to legend, the vitality of this stone makes it beneficial for coping with menstrual pain and all of the undesirable symptoms of the menstrual cycle. Additionally, it is believed to help regulate hormonal changes, resulting in fewer mood changes and a more consistent presence. Even women who are menopausal may benefit from more stable hormonal changes, less hot flashes, and improved general health.

The emotional benefits of Pink Tourmaline

This gentle stone has the ability to significantly boost your emotional well-being. Its only objective is to further the causes of love, peace, & compassion.

A lot of people don’t think that emotional pain has much to do with this, but it can be a cover for something more sinister that is going on inside.

It is OK to feel these emotions and express them. They should never, however, cause you to treat people badly or to send out negative vibrations into the cosmos.

Pink Tourmaline’s therapeutic powers assist in combating those inner demons. When you’re in a dark place, you’re pushed out of your comfort zone and discover the inner fortitude to keep going, no matter what. It mends your broken heart and inspires you to rediscover your passion.

The spiritual benefits of Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline’s fundamental meaning is about dispelling negativity that impairs your judgment, which also pertains to spirituality. Spirituality transcends existing ideologies and religions. It’s about attaining enlightenment and discovering your true destiny in this planet.

Every person undergoes a spiritual journey in order to have a better understanding of who they are and what they are capable of. Even if you do not seek answers in the universe actively, your spirituality grows through time. It is molded by the events that occur in your life and the memories that you create.

As you can think, traumatic life events may breed negativity in your psyche. Not only can it alter your perspective on the world and how you treat people, but it may also result in a plethora of difficulties. You risk accumulating grudges, negative feelings, and an overall negative attitude.

Being trapped in a loop of negativity serves no one. It just exacerbates sorrow and suffering.

With Pink Tourmaline at your sides, you may finally feel the elevation of spirit necessary to go to the next chapter of your life. Rejoice and be optimistic as you leave the past behind and move forward.

The Pink Tourmaline Chakras

Pink Tourmaline is an excellent addition to any collection because of its metaphysical characteristics. It acts on a variety of various energy points, with the heart chakra as its major target.

The heart chakra, referred to as “Anahata,” is the fourth main chakra in the body. It is placed in the center of your chest and is responsible for your love and compassion sentiments. When this power point is open and free, you have the ability to distribute an infinite amount of love.

However, when sorrow and darkness obstruct the flow of vital energy, you may notice an increase in aggression and brevity. Many individuals claim that they begin doing things that harm the people they care about the most. However, it is not all.

A clogged heart chakra may manifest as a lack of self-esteem and an incapacity to locate compassion inside.

Fortunately, the energy of Pink Tourmaline combats these concerns and motivates you to share love in everything that you do. The majority of this stone’s energy is concentrated on the chest and how it is used. According to others, it also connects for one of your higher chakras.

The last main chakra is the crowning chakra, or “Sahasrara.” It ties you to the universe, functioning as a link between this world and the next. By using the energy of this chakra, you may develop a positive sense of identity and get closer to attaining spiritual enlightenment.

Pink Tourmaline’s metaphysical characteristics have a great effect on this energy point, assisting you in gaining a better understanding of your role in the cosmos.

Pink Tourmaline zodiac sign

Intensely colorful, pink tourmaline has a lot to offer. Its advantages are available to everyone who want to use them. You do not have to be a member of a certain zodiac to benefit from its nurturing energy.

People who are born in October love Pink Tourmaline because it is one of the birthstones for that month. The majority of people are acquainted with Opal, the more common birthstone. Pink Tourmaline, on the other hand, is associated with October, eliciting a higher energetic reaction in people born in this month.

October is ruled by the zodiac sign Virgo, which makes the link logical.

Pink Tourmaline is an excellent remedy for Virgo’s infirmities. Virgos are self-confident, driven, and very ambitious. While these characteristics might propel them forward, they can also work against them.

Virgos are natural-born fixers and perfectionists. They want perfection. When things are not going as planned, a Virgo will try everything possible to intervene and correct the situation.

While this is laudable in certain circumstances, it may also result in mental distress. Certain problems are unfixable, and Virgos have a difficult time accepting this truth. When they are unable to take action to change their circumstances, they often spiral.

Pink Tourmaline’s therapeutic powers and significance serve to counterbalance this way of thinking. It promotes clarity and tranquillity, assisting Virgos in seeing beyond what they cannot alter. This is especially true in relation to emotional issues.

When Virgos concentrate on the things that are beyond of their control, rather than focusing on the things that they can influence, they are more likely to succeed.

What is the Crystal Structure of Pink Tourmaline gemstone?

You are not need to utilize Pink Tourmaline alone. Pink Tourmaline is often used by healers & crystal believers as part of a greater therapeutic practice. By combining its therapeutic capabilities with those of other plants, you may create a source of healing energy tailored to your unique requirements.

If you’re seeking for a crystal combination that can help you overcome anxiety and maintain tranquility, try utilizing it in conjunction with lithium-containing stones. For instance, you may experiment with Lithium Topaz, Kunzite, Kurnakovite, or Howlite.

Every one of those stones do wonders for calming the mind and assisting you in attaining a state of tranquillity. When combined with an already potent stone such as Pink Tourmaline, the effects are amplified.

Of course, Pink Tourmaline may be combined with the other stones that focus on the heart chakra. There is no such thing as too much kindness and care! Several excellent examples are Dioptase, Cavansite, Malachite, and Chrysanthemum Stone.

Finally, Pink Tourmaline may be used in combination with other Tourmaline stones!! This group of stones is quite diverse. While they are chemically and crystallographically identical, their various hues bring significant advantages.

Experiment with different combinations to see what you can come up with.

Pink Tourmaline geological specifications

Mineral InformationAluminum borate silicate
Chemical Composition(Na or CA)1(Mg, Li, Al and/or Fe2+)3Al6(BO3)3Si6O18(OH)4
Hardness7 to 7-1/2 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity3.02 – 3.26
Refractive Index1.616 – 1.652

You can learn more about the specifications here.

How to Identify Pink Tourmaline by Sight?

Many tourmaline crystals are the result of boron-rich quartz crystals interacting with amphiboles in hot water. The pink coloring is a dye that appears to have been infused into chalcedony during manufacture, and it fades throughout the crystal’s existence on Earth.

When cut, tourmaline rubs red or pink colored dust onto your fingers/palm because of its internal color saturation within the gemstone itself; rubies do not possess a coating like this because their hue is an attributed beryl.

How much does the Pink Tourmaline cost?

Pink tourmaline is quite expensive. You can expect the pink tourmaline gemstone to average for between $150 and $300 per carat once it becomes a larger crystal piece or jewelry stone.

What is the Difference Between Pink Tourmaline and Ruby Fuchsite?

Pink tourmaline and ruby fuchsite may seem similar at first, but they have distinct differences. Pink tourmaline is a gemstone known for its vibrant, rosy hues. On the other hand, ruby fuchsite is a unique combination of vivid green fuchsite and deep red ruby. Both have their own properties, making them valuable and sought after in the world of gemstone enthusiasts. Explore more about the enchanting ruby fuchsite properties and the captivating allure of pink tourmaline.

How to take care of the Pink Tourmaline?

Pink Tourmaline is a very strong heart healer who is continuously bombarded by evil energy. While it is surprisingly strong for its delicate look, it does need periodic washing if its true significance is to be revealed.

Cleaning your Pink Tourmaline on a monthly basis is an excellent idea. If you use it regularly, additional washing cycles may be required.

Thus, how may Pink Tourmaline be cleansed?

The best thing to do is to put the stone in some water and run it. Make sure that the water is clean and lukewarm. Allow a few minutes for the water to surge over the stone. That is all you need!

To make the stone a little more shiny, you can use mild soap. However, avoid using any chemical cleaners or abrasives. When cleaning Pink Tourmaline, it’s important to remember that it’s more fragile than most people assume.

Allowing the stone to soak overnight is not a good idea. While some healing gems can withstand this, Pink Tourmaline is rather delicate. If you’re not cautious, excessive soaking might create difficulties.

If you wish to forgo drinking water entirely, there are a few options. Some practitioners feel simply imagining water is sufficient to accomplish the task. Simply hold it in your palm and visualize the cleansing powers of a cold river cleansing the stone’s energy impurities and charging its healing qualities.

You may also employ other techniques of cleaning. Pink Tourmaline is also sensitive to other treatments such as smudging and moonlight exposure.

Keep the stone out of direct sunlight at all costs. Again, this may be applicable to various stones. However, Tourmaline’s relative softness may present complications.

While moonlight is OK, high heat, harsh chemicals, and other abrasive scrubbing procedures are not!

Final thoughts

Pink Tourmaline’s symbolism is based on the notion of assisting you in moving forward in your life after experiencing darkness. One of the stones we use and recommend a lot. We plan to keep doing this for a long time.

That’s why we’ve included it in our list of recommended crystal healing stones. It will quickly become a favorite!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pink tourmaline used for?

Tourmaline is a type of gemstone that is found in many different colors, including pink. Pink tourmaline is sometimes used as a color contrast in jewelry, and it can also be used as a gemstone for healing. It is said to be effective in balancing the emotions, enhancing intuition, and promoting a peaceful mind. It is also used in crystal healing to help with issues related to the heart, lungs, and stomach.

Why is pink tourmaline so expensive?

Tourmaline is a type of mineral that is found in the Earth’s crust. It is usually colored a deep red, brown, or black, and is usually found in small, isolated deposits. Pink tourmaline is especially rare and valuable because it is the only type of tourmaline that is colorless and has a pale pink hue.

Can I wear pink tourmaline everyday?

This is a difficult question to answer, as each person’s body is different and some people may react differently to certain colors. That said, some people believe that pink tourmaline can boost energy levels, promote creativity and new ideas, and help to reduce stress. So, if you are wanting to experiment with wearing pink tourmaline everyday, it is best to start slowly and build up to a greater amount over time. Remember to always consult with a qualified gemologist before making any changes to your jewelry.

Is pink tourmaline a rare stone?

While pink tourmaline is not a rare stone, it can be quite difficult to find. It is typically found in Brazil, and sometimes in Africa. It is often used in jewelry or to make statues or figurines.

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