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Purple Fluorite

In this article about Purple Fluorite, we will first tell you about the history of the Purple Fluorite, introduce you to the different characteristics of this gemstone, describe and explain the healing properties and uses, and we will end this article by explaining its price and how to recognize this gemstone.

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

What is a Purple Fluorite gemstone?

Fluorite is a gemstone that belongs to the halide family. This family contains stones in every hue of the rainbow. Purple Fluorite is one of the most intriguing (and beautiful) minerals.

Fluorescence is the most striking property of this compound, second only to color. Fluorescence is a term that refers to the phenomenon of light emitting from To put it simply, fluorescent material has the capacity to produce visible light when exposed to UV radiation. Purple Fluorite’s luminous properties are one of the causes it has been connected with all things divine and spiritual.

Brazil, Norway, the United States, China, and Australia are all home to these stones. As you can see, this stone is very common, which may explain why so many civilizations around the globe have cherished its beauty and symbolism.

Purple Fluorite is mentioned in legends dating all the way back to ancient Chinese, Roman, Celtic, French, and American Indian civilizations. Each civilisation developed its own method of utilizing this stone within its own cultural environment.

In Ancient China, it was thought that Purple Fluorite’s powers could protect the person from bad spirits. The Egyptians made scarabs and sculptures of different gods from this stone. Other civilizations fashioned totems, amulets, talismans, bowls, and ornamental objects. They all thought that anything crafted from this gem would provide healing and protection to anyone who used it.

Purple Fluorite meaning

Since ancient times, humans have utilized and appreciated purple fluorite. Purple Fluorite was given several nicknames throughout time as its medicinal powers were found. This stone is also known as Dream Crystal, Brilliance Stone, Focus Stone, and House Of The Rainbow.

Fluorite derives its name from the Latin word fluere, which means to flow. This is believed to speak to the way Purple Fluorite flows harmoniously with other stones, as well as how its therapeutic abilities may assist you in becoming more in tune with others.

Additionally, it is a protective stone that may assist you in warding off bad spirits and guiding you securely through dreams. Additionally, you may notice an improvement in attention, mental sharpness, and ability to think at a deeper level.

Purple Fluorite is beneficial for people seeking a deeper sense of self-discovery, increased self-confidence, and the capacity to confront obstacles with bravery and an open heart and mind.

For many individuals, this is an excellent gemstone for creativity and the ability to think creatively. You’ll be more receptive to recommendations and other people’s thoughts. As a result, it is an ideal stone for use in group settings.

Purple Fluorite Healing Properties

Purple Fluorite is a stone we like for its enchanted beauty and plethora of medicinal powers. By incorporating this stone into your daily healing practice, you may experience a plethora of emotional, spiritual, or even physical advantages.

Purple Fluorite, like other therapeutic stones, should be integrated into significant elements of your life. Whether you utilize Purple Fluorite during a meditation session, as an amulet, or in a shui setting, you will quickly learn how well it fits into your regular routines.

The physical benefits of Purple Fluorite

Purple Fluorite seems to be a stone that we believe everybody interested in alternative medicine should have on hand. Its therapeutic powers are often used to a variety of bodily systems, and it is a favorite among natural healers.

Almost everyone prioritizes maintaining a strong immune system. If you’re seeking for a natural approach to maintain a healthy immune system, you may want to explore Purple Fluorite. This effective healing stone is often utilized by crystal healing practitioners to stimulate the immune system or even to aid in the treatment of inflammation.

Purple Fluorite’s therapeutic powers are often sought for for anything relating to the respiratory system. Whether you’re suffering from a common cold or sinusitis, or something more severe, many practitioners will recommend that you use Purple Fluorite into your therapeutic practice.

This stone’s therapeutic powers are often utilized to treat problems with the bones, as well as the brain and neurological system. Purple Fluorite, as you can see, is incredibly flexible!

The emotional benefits of Purple Fluorite

It is widely accepted that emotional health is inextricably related to physical or spiritual wellbeing. Reserving emotions and avoiding dealing with previous baggage might appear as physical health problems. Purple Fluorite is utilized by crystal therapy practitioners to address a wide variety of emotional disorders, and we strongly encourage you to give it a try.

We understand how annoying it may be to feel as if you’re stuck. Perhaps your relationship has reached a stalemate, or perhaps you’re unsure about the next move to take at work or in life. If this scenario seems all too familiar, you may choose to include Purple Fluorite into your daily healing system.

How may use Purple Fluorite be beneficial? It is well-known for its effectiveness as a gemstone for concentration, enhancing one’s capacity to think clearly and delivering a much-needed boost of self-confidence.

Purple Fluorite’s therapeutic powers may also assist stimulate your creative juices, erase writing barriers, and aid in brainstorming. Additionally, it has been shown to eliminate narrow-minded cognitive processes that might obstruct creativity and good communication.

This stone’s symbolism may be an excellent complement to group circumstances. Having this stone present at a meeting or company planning session may help foster the harmony necessary for the formation of a cohesive and effective group.

Purple Fluorite is also renowned as an anxiety-relieving stone that may also help with focus.

The spiritual benefits of Purple Fluorite

For millennia, humans have used Purple Fluorite’s characteristics to achieve higher states of consciousness. With its ethereal luminosity, this stone seems to be a mirror of the spirit realm in all its glory. Purple Fluorite is a stone that may help you reach the spiritual heights you’ve always desired.

Purple Fluorite is also believed to aid with dream work, divination, and a variety of goddess-related activity and rites. Keeping its message close by as a reminder to enlarge your spirit may be quite beneficial.

The Purple Fluorite Chakras

Given how spiritually attuned this stone is, it’s unsurprising that it has a strong connection to the third-eye chakra. The third-power eye’s is frequently referred to as the “sixth sense,” and it serves as a conduit for higher thought, intuition, and self-reflection. Additionally, the third-eye chakra is related with the color purple, which explains why Purple Fluorite resonates so strongly with this chakra.

Numerous individuals utilize this stone to rebalance their brain’s two hemispheres. Lay on your mat during meditation. Each hand should hold an octahedron, one over each brow. While meditating, keep the objective of eradicating undesired and harmful ideas in mind. Concentrate on the balance of the hemispheres and allow the stone’s significance to connect with you.

Purple Fluorite zodiac sign

Numerous therapeutic stones are associated with various zodiac signs. Purple Fluorite’s significance and qualities are said to have a strong link with those born under the sign of Pisces. This is not to mean that you cannot employ Pisces in your healing practice if you are not a Pisces (especially if you happen to feel a special attraction to this stone). It’s only that a Pisces often benefits the most from Purple Fluorite.

A healing crystal’s fundamental nature is to assist the person who works with it in becoming more balanced and satisfied. A Pisces, like anybody else, is always engaged in an internal conflict between the good and bad aspects of their nature. Purple Fluorite’s restorative powers seem to have the capacity to offer a Pisces the edge they need to put everything back into equilibrium.

If you are a Pisces or have close relationships with one, you are aware that they may be rather emotional. This is not necessarily a terrible thing, since they are also passionately loyal and have a strong sense of camaraderie. Purple Fluorite may assist a Pisces in channeling their emotions in a way that promotes balance and stability.

Purple Fluorite, on the other hand, will serve to amplify the good Pisces attributes of generosity, perseverance, and inventiveness.

What is the Crystal Structure of Purple Fluorite gemstone?

Purple Fluorite is a powerful stone that pairs nicely with a variety of other therapeutic gems. By pairing the appropriate stones, you may guarantee that each stone contributes and receives equally. In other words, each healing crystal in the collaboration will benefit from the other’s vibrations. Numerous stone combinations are utilized to target specific places in need of treatment.

For instance, if your present purpose is to increase your spiritual awareness, you may like to combine Purple Fluorite’s therapeutic powers with Amethyst, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, or Moonstone.

Are negative behavioral patterns and unhealthy behaviors impeding your spiritual and emotional development? Then experiment with Purple Fluorite in combination with Emerald, Hematite, Amethyst, or Lemon Jade.

Purple Fluorite pairs beautifully with White Chalcedony, Marialite, Carnelian, Garnet, and Tiger’s Eye. Naturally, this is just a selection of stones that mix well with Purple Fluorite. There are several others; therefore, consult an expert to assist you in determining the mix that would work best for you.

Purple Fluorite geological specifications

Mineral InformationCalcium fluoride
Chemical CompositionCaF2
Hardness4 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity3.18
Refractive Index1.434

You can learn more about the specifications here.

How to Identify Purple Fluorite by Sight?

Purple fluorite is quite rare in nature and it occurs naturally though deposits of beryl (crystals which look purple). Although purple fluorite can be found in several countries, the United States has never been a significant producer of this crystal.

How much does the Purple Fluorite cost?

The purple fluorite is highly sought after gem and estimates place its price at around $2,000 to 6,000 per carat in November 2016.

This stone can be found online or through local crystal merchants for a fraction of those charges.

What are the Healing Properties of Peacock Ore?

Peacock ore mineral properties encompass a wide range of healing benefits. This vibrant and iridescent crystal is thought to promote emotional healing and balance, fostering inner peace and harmony. Additionally, it is believed to enhance self-confidence, creativity, and imagination. With its powerful energy, peacock ore is also said to aid in grounding and protecting against negative energies.

How to take care of the Purple Fluorite?

All crystals must be cleaned before being used for the first time or if they have been sitting for an extended period of time. If you use your crystal almost everyday, it should be cleaned at least once a week.

There are several methods for cleansing a healing crystal, but they all rely on the stone’s physical and vibrational properties. Numerous stones, for example, may be readily and securely washed with warm, soapy water. Purple Fluorite, a Mohs Hardness Four mineral, is too sensitive and delicate to be submerged in water and must be washed in other ways.

Smudging your Purple Fluorite with the smoke of a holy plant is a typical approach to gently cleanse it, and White Sage is often the herb of choice. Wait for the smoke from a White Sage leaf to rise evenly around your stone before placing it in the smoke. The cleaning is complete once you realize that the smoke and the stone have formed a healing partnership. This procedure just takes a few minutes, yet it is a really effective technique of cleaning.

Giving the Purple Fluorite a moonlight bath serves two purposes: it cleanses and charges the stone. In an ideal world, this moonlight therapy would occur two to three days before to or after the full moon. It is both safe and prudent to do this every night throughout this time period. This delicate but effective procedure will enhance the therapeutic powers of your stone. Allow at least a couple of hours for your Purple Fluorite to sit on a window sill in the moonlight. Overnight is preferable.

Additionally, you may cleanse your crystal by immersing it in brown rice, using a crystal tuner, or by putting it in a bowl of Quartz chips.

Final thoughts

Purple Fluorite’s symbolism is all about elevating your soul. While most of us may feel discouraged or cut off from the cosmos, there is always the possibility of breaking free and flourishing!

If you still have any queries concerning this stone or believe it might be beneficial in a random scenario, send us a note! We’d love to speak with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is purple fluorite rare?

This question can be difficult to answer, as the rarity of any material can depend on a variety of factors, including location, grade, and size. However, purple fluorite is not as rare as some people might think, and there are a number of sources that offer this beautiful gemstone.

What is fluorite crystal good for?

Fluorite crystal is a type of mineral that is frequently used in crystal healing. It is known to help in clearing energy blockages, and promote positive spiritual growth. Fluorite crystal can also be used to improve mental clarity, focus, and concentration. It is also helpful in containing negative energy and promoting harmonious relationships.

What makes purple fluorite?

Purple fluorite is a type of mineral that is composed of calcium fluoride and aluminum fluoride. It is a relatively rare mineral and can be found in limited quantities in certain parts of the world. Purple fluorite is usually colorless, but can occasionally be colored purple due to the presence of other minerals.

What can fluorite be used for?

Fluorite can be used for a variety of purposes, including crystal healing, tarot readings, and aura readings. It is also used as a gemstone for jewelry and as an ornamental gem. It is a powerful stone that can help you to connect with your spiritual aspects and gain clarity of thought. It is often used to enhance psychic abilities, and it is also beneficial for meditation and prayer.

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