Rhodonite bracelet

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Rhodonite is a healing stone known for its protective energies. This rhodonite bracelet, made with 925 sterling silver, is a perfect gift for your loved ones. It helps them stay grounded and tuned in to the universe’s energy.

Rhodonite bracelet
Rhodonite bracelet 24.99  Original price was: 24.99 €.19.99 Current price is: 19.99 €.

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Rhodonite is a pink manganese silicate mineral with a range of compositions, but it frequently includes sizable amounts of magnesium, iron, and calcium. Its general chemical make-up is (Mn, Fe, Mg, and Ca)SiO3. This gemstone frequently coexists with black manganese oxides, which might show up as dendrites, matrix, or fracture-fillings in the specimen. “Manganese spar” and “manganolite” are some other names for rhodonite.

What are the benefits of wearing the Rhodonite bracelet?

In addition to being breathtakingly beautiful, rhodonite represents the balance of yin and yang and is thought to be able to help couples who are having problems getting along. The scars brought on by bad relationships can also be treated with this gemstone. Wearing rhodonite bracelet can also help you in overcoming the fear, to leave the past, and establish a new connection if you have ever been in a toxic relationship where you had to excessively compromise or lower your limits and ultimately got injured.

Rhodonite bracelet specifications

  • Gemstone: rhodonite
  • Beads size: 6mm, 8mm

Additional information

Beads Size

6mm, 8mm


17cm-6.7inch, 19cm-7.5inch, 21cm-8.3inch



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