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In this article about Selenite, we will first tell you about the history of the Selenite, introduce you to the different characteristics of this gemstone, describe and explain the healing properties and uses, and we will end this article by explaining its price and how to recognize this gemstone.

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

What is a Selenite gemstone?

Selenite, a healing stone, has long been associated with the celestial regions because of its angelic radiance and serene allure. In Ancient Greece, the stone was seen as a symbol of the mystery of nature and the universe.

This exquisite gemstone is named after Selene, the ancient moon goddess. The cultural significance of Selenite closely resembles that of the goddess Selene. She was a strong deity whose personality changed with the waves.

The reputation of Selenite’s mood-altering effects and vigor spread rapidly. The stone, just like goddess Selene, is thought to empower your body with the healing power of moonlight for psychological health and a closer connection to a ether.

Physically, Selenite is one of the simplest substances! It is a calcium sulfate dihydrate-based type of gypsum that is crystallized.

There are several varieties of Selenite available. Dyeing the stone is a popular practice among commercial miners, which seek out the stone’s vivid hues. Natural Selenite is superior than all other forms and synthetic equivalents.

Selenite may be found in all parts of the world. These days, the vast majority of samples are sourced from either Morocco or the USA. Massive Selenite crystals are abundant in caverns in Mexico, where it’s mostly derived.

Surprisingly, Selenite is also present outside of our environment. Recently, scientists found the element on Mars!

Selenite meaning

The cultural significance of Selenite differs from location to region, but there is one thing on which everyone can agree. Selenite’s significance is all about cleansing!

It is not difficult to see why humanity throughout history have regarded Selenite so warmly. The crystal is a delicate and elegant material. It lacks the luster and sparkle of certain other stones. But that’s the thing about it: it’s completely unique.

There are those who believe it to be a feather from the realms of the crystal. The tubular crystal design generates delicate stripes that may be separated with little effort. According to some traditions, the unique crystal pattern represented angel wings!

The cleansing effects of Selenite extend beyond your mental wellness. It is also believed that the crystal amplifies energy from worlds beyond our own. These angelic messages are carried by its delicate beauty, keeping you protected in this chaotic environment.

Selenite Healing Properties

Want to soak in the power of Selenite? If this is the case, you have plenty to anticipate! Selenite’s therapeutic powers and benefits are capable of transporting you to higher dimensions and inundating your existence with transformational light.

Below are some of the stone’s most impressive therapeutic abilities.

The physical benefits of Selenite

The majority of crystal healers use Selenite for its emotional and spiritual advantages. However, with inner transformation may come external change. Some claim that the physical advantages of this stone’s qualities might work to your advantage.

Flexibility is one among the most sought-after qualities of this gemstone. It is said to make the body more nimble and competent by aligning and strengthening the spine and skeleton as a whole. Some people swear it makes their bodies more flexible and ready to work out.

Free radical damage may be reversed, according to certain theories. Free radicals are atoms that are unstable and may cause harm to cells. The sun, exercise, and inflammation are just a few sources of vitamin D. Excessive exposure may cause illnesses such as cancer!

Selenite is a natural defender against free radicals in healing circles. According to the notion, it cleanses the body and offers continual protection. Consequently, experience enhances cell structure, resulting in improved skin, hair, & nails!

The emotional benefits of Selenite

Undoubtedly, the majority of folks use Selenite for emotional restoration. It’s not uncommon for individuals to suffer from emotional traumas. Selenite’s qualities are quite enigmatic, despite the fact that several stones have their own distinct methods for combating darkness.

Everyone experiences emotional suffering at some time. At times, you’ll feel as if you’ve entered an unfathomable pit of doom, and it’ll effect every aspect of your existence. Most people are unaware, yet dark energy may have profound effects on your vision of the world, your choices, and more.

Selenite does not just clear the slate. It cleanses your being and frees you from the shackles of calamity. The stone may have a significant influence on your mental well-being by displacing negative emotions and ideas with a pure, bright light.

If you want to achieve emotional harmony, Selenite is an excellent option. In addition to offering a positive outlook, it may also expose repressed feelings.

Unaddressed difficulties simply fester in your spirit. In order for you to face this darkness, Selenite’s qualities draw it from the depths. Forgiveness, which the crystal teaches, is one of life’s most priceless teachings.

It’s possible to bask in the splendor of healing light after you’ve forgiven yourself as well as those who hurt you.

The spiritual benefits of Selenite

Spiritually, Selenite is unparalleled. Selenite’s vitality and healing abilities tap into something most of us don’t even aware we possess.

This tiny gem like a feather represents the celestial realms and is capable of bringing forth very potent spiritual healing! Angelic and otherworldly entities are considered to be responsible for the ethereal energy that it emits.

The stone prepares you for a spiritual adventure! Regardless of what you think, it prepares you for exploration. The purpose is to promote enlightenment and revitalization. Instead of being lost in the present moment, you may access energy from beyond.

When this occurs, you are reported to experience an unprecedented feeling of serenity and security.

The Selenite Chakras

Selenite’s metaphysical characteristics may open and activate a number of chakras due to its ability to harness the force of moonlight. It is an essential tool for meditators and metaphysical therapists.

While all chakras may benefit, the higher chakras will undergo the biggest transformation. Stones that assist these three chakras are thought to be particularly beneficial.

The fourth main energy point is the heart chakra, commonly known in Sanskrit as Anahata. It regulates our capacity to experience emotional equilibrium, tranquility, and peace. It is also the core of love and kindness.

The heart chakra resonates with Selenite’s healing energy. It removes obstructions and inspires your to open your mind to others and to yourself.

Third eye chakra becomes accessible after the heart chakra is open. Anja, the third-eye chakra, is the place where intuition is based. It directs your cognitive skills, attitudes, and beliefs.

Selenite finally supports the head chakra. It is believed that Selenite has the greatest effect on this chakra. This chakra, known as Sahasrara, is important about allowing you to enter a higher level of awareness.

This chakra transcends the physical body and enhances your sense of connection to the cosmos. It fosters an intimate link with the universe and promotes enlightenment! This chakra may remain permanently open and energized with the aid of Selenite.

Selenite zodiac sign

Selenite is not associated with a particular zodiac sign. Nevertheless, it has a natural affinity with Taurus.

The sign of Taurus is inherently earthy and manly. To be blunt, Taureans may be obstinate at times because to their stoicism and analytical nature. Selenite is not for eliminating certain characteristics. Instead, it complements them and provides some tranquility.

The innate feminine energy and characteristics of this gem serve to balance Taureans. Combined with the cleansing light, the stone is claimed to inspire a feeling of playful inventiveness and lightheartedness.

What is the Crystal Structure of Selenite gemstone?

Selenite is the crystal form of selenium (chemical symbol: Se). The word selenite is most often used to refer specifically to high-stoichiometry sulfate mineral chrysocolla, which contains small amounts of selenium. In metallurgy, the use of ‘crystal’ usually refers only to a quartz crystal and does not include other minerals such as gypsum or calcite.

Selenite geological specifications

Mineral InformationHydrous calcium sulfate
Chemical CompositionCaSO4 · 2H2O
ColorColorless, white, gray, brown, beige, orange, pink, yellow, light red, green
Hardness2 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity2.3 – 2.4
Refractive Index1.5

You can learn more about the specifications here.

How to Identify Selenite by Sight?

The selenite crystal is typically a clear quartz crystal with an inverted hexagonal basal structure. Unlike the minerals chalcedony and stishovite, selenite does not require high temperatures for it to form in the stone due use of selenate rather than sulfide as its components. Because of multiple planes of cleavage which criss-cross the entire form, many specimens are similar in shape and size but vary slightly.

How much does the Selenite cost?

Price of the selenite crystal depends on different factors such as price of the selenium and hardness of crystal. In addition, there are many manufacturers in the world who purchase chalcedony selenite gemstone gemstones to use them into their business with cheaper rate than original stone. Similarly, we bought some high quality quartz crystals in wholesale prices so far by considering its more difficult dolling procedure during man-made setting process.

What is the Difference Between Morganite and Selenite?

Morganite and selenite are two distinct gemstones with unique properties. What is morganite? It is a beautiful pink gemstone, a variety of beryl, known for its soft and delicate appearance. Selenite, on the other hand, is a type of gypsum crystal with a transparent or translucent appearance. So, the main difference lies in their chemical composition and colors. What is morganite’s mesmerizing pink hue is something that sets it apart from the clear or white color of selenite.

How to take care of the Selenite?

The selenite crystal can be cleaned easily with normal carbonate-free cleansing material. You will use the white or light toothbrush to clean it, but please note that the selenite crystal cannot obtain the same shine as quartz gemstone in case of high hardness because of its chalcedony structure.

Final thoughts

Selenite is not associated with a particular zodiac sign. Nevertheless, it has a natural affinity with Taurus.

The sign of Taurus is inherently earthy and manly. To be blunt, Taureans may be obstinate at times because to their stoicism and analytical nature. Selenite is not for eliminating certain characteristics. Instead, it complements them and provides some tranquility.

The innate feminine energy and characteristics of this gem serve to balance Taureans. Combined with the cleansing light, the stone is claimed to inspire a feeling of playful inventiveness and lightheartedness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is selenite crystal good for?

Selenite crystal is a mineral that has many purported health benefits, including detoxifying the body, treating psoriasis, and improving energy levels. Selenite crystal can also be used to treat various health conditions, including mental health issues, pain relief, and more.

Is selenite safe to wear?

Selenite is a type of mineral that is often used as a gemstone. It is also used in crystal healing and is sometimes called “the crystal healer’s mineral.” Selenite is said to help to detoxify the body and to promote overall health and well-being. It is also said to be a good astral projection material.

How can you tell if selenite is real?

Selenite is a mineral that is often sold as a cure for various ailments, including cancer. While there is some evidence to support the claims, selenite is not a real cure and should not be used as such. Selenite is most often found in Mexico and other parts of South America, and is often marketed as a natural cancer treatment.

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