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Blue Calcite

In this article about Blue Calcite, we will first tell you about the history of the Blue Calcite, introduce you to the different characteristics of this gemstone, describe and explain the healing properties and uses, and we will end this article by explaining its price and how to recognize this gemstone.

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

What is a Blue Calcite gemstone?

Blue Calcite is a worthwhile addition to your crystal collection since it is a master at calming frazzled nerves. This stone is stunning, since it is covered in bands of blue and milky gray! It is one of the most desirable forms of the mineral Calcite, which is relatively common in comparison to other minerals.

Standard calcite is mined widely on every continent and is available in dozens of hues. It is composed of calcium carbonate, the same component as sidewalk chalk! Obviously, calcite stones contain numerous trace elements that contribute to their durability, luster, and hue.

Blue Calcite is one of the rarest varieties of the mineral. The crystal is known for its baby blue hue and its soft and delicate appearance. It is thought that shades of gray, white, and blue resemble the soothing force of ocean waves.

Blue Calcite has been an enigmatical stone for humanity throughout history. Numerous concepts held by esoteric societies in the past are still valid today!

In Ancient India, the primary meaning of Blue Calcite was strongly associated with communication, leading many to think that the stone kept people honest. In Ancient Egypt, color signified the movement of life force. Eventually, the crystal came to represent the Holy Spirit’s capabilities in Western civilizations.

Blue Calcite is now a sought-after healing stone among crystal healers.

Due to its potent characteristics, it may serve as a conduit to a greater power (while also providing transformative powers here on Earth).

Blue Calcite meaning

Believers continue to be mystified by the versatility of blue calcite as a stone. There are many different interpretations of the stone Blue Calcite, but the most often recognized ones relate to personal development, mental expansion, and a sense of calm and peace.

Blue Calcite is a potent auric cleaner at its heart. Many use it to recover from trauma. It is commonly advised to folks who have just lost a loved one or are through major life changes.

As it filters out negative energy, it converts it to positive and releases it into the ether!

Blue Calcite’s significance and qualities make it the perfect peacemaker. It may calm your anxiety and encourage you to face every circumstance with a clear mind.

Blue Calcite Healing Properties

Blue Calcite has many advantages. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, it is a stone that many people want.

Obviously, this sky-blue diamond is much more than simply an attractive ornament. It is said that its characteristics harness the healing energies of the cosmos, delivering a plethora of advantages that might transform your life!

Here are a few of this crystal’s more prominent advantages.

The physical benefits of Blue Calcite

Believe it or not, according to some crystal healers, the good emotional and spiritual healing characteristics of Blue Calcite may also affect your physical health.

Numerous healers recommend experimenting with this stone in order to alleviate bodily discomfort. According to some healers, Blue Calcite is effective against relatively benign conditions such as stomach disturbances, bruises, and minor sickness.

Internally, it is often used to improve bowel and liver function. Some use it to aid in lowering blood pressure for improved heart health.

Many of Blue Calcite’s physical advantages are likely attributable to the mental advantages it offers. With less stress and more serenity, your body may regain homeostasis and remain in excellent physical condition.

The emotional benefits of Blue Calcite

Without a question, Blue Calcite’s most alluring quality is its potent emotional healing qualities. This is one of the primary reasons for its widespread popularity.

The azure-colored stone has a penchant for alleviating anxiety and is a popular choice for persons with chronic stress. According to some with depression, it may also provide some alleviation.

As stated before, Blue Calcite transforms negative energy before it can enter the auric field. It transforms negative energy into positive. It provides the opportunity to do good in the world while simultaneously confronting your personal issues.

Everyone experiences self-doubt, anxiety, and tension. These feelings may not seem significant at first, yet they may have long-lasting effects on your life. They impede your ability to accomplish your mission and live life to the fullest.

Moreover, they frequently result in emotional stagnation. Negative energy may transform an ordinarily ambitious individual into a person with no motivation to do anything.

It lacks the energizing qualities of several other minerals. However, this is partially what makes it so effective. Blue Calcite bestows tranquility, allowing you to go at your own speed!

The relaxing effect of Blue Calcite is thought to be good for creative people. Numerous artists attest that this crystal’s calming effect may reignite passions, assist in overcoming creative barriers, and inspire you to produce your finest work yet.

The spiritual benefits of Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite has a special relationship with spirituality. This stone’s characteristics are inherently more restrained. It often compels you to go an emotional trip and heal from inside.

However, Blue Calcite could not be more spiritually oriented! This crystal’s characteristics enhance awareness and understanding, forging a deep connection to worlds beyond our own!

It is a pristine crystal loaded with opportunities. If you are receptive, the stone will assist you in embarking on a spiritual trip, releasing your mind from the limits of your physical body so that you may appreciate the marvels of the cosmos.

The stone is also known to facilitate dream travel. Practitioners claim that when put beside your bedside, the energy it emits allows you to experience more vivid, easily-recallable dreams. Not only can it help you see more while you sleep, but it may also enhance your comprehension of past events.

It is believed that dreams are a representation of the subconscious. With Blue Calcite at your side, you will have the ability to decipher those dreamlike messages and become more cosmically sensitive.

The Blue Calcite Chakras

Blue Calcite is one of the most potent stones to have in your collection due to its metaphysical characteristics. It may activate and control a range of energy points throughout the body, so fostering a balanced energy flow and a healthy aura.

The throat chakra is an intriguing energy center that few people are concerned with. Nonetheless, it may have a significant influence on your mental health, your relationships, and how others see you.

The throat chakra, called “Vishuddha” in Sanskrit, governs your capacity to communicate and tell the truth! When it is blocked, you may experience a sense of immobility. You cannot freely express yourself. It seems as if you were speaking into a vacuum where no one can hear you!

Blue Calcite’s metaphysical characteristics may facilitate more straightforward communication. This may result in major changes to your love life and emotional well-being. You may be more proactive in addressing your needs when you feel comfortable speaking from the heart.

The name for the third eye chakra is Ajna. It is located between the eyebrows and is responsible for discernment, spiritual illumination, and intuition. It is stated that the energy point provides a visionary view on life and your destiny.

As you may expect, obstructing this chakra is detrimental to your mental and spiritual wellbeing. Problems might cause you to feel lost in life, looking in vain for solutions to problems you will never comprehend.

With Blue Calcite, you may get the knowledge you want. This stone has a deep connection to the spirit realm, providing direction and understanding of life’s riddles.

Blue Calcite zodiac sign

Blue Calcite is not prejudiced! Regardless of your zodiac sign, its therapeutic powers may provide a variety of advantages.

However, like many other stones, it has a greater link to those born under certain zodiac signs. Specifically, the water signs Cancer and Pisces benefit the most.

Cancers and Pisces are emotionally driven! Frequently, they neglect to reason, valuing gut impulses over well-considered replies. Clearly, this kind of thinking may lead these two signs into a lot of trouble!

Blue Calcite’s qualities aid in maintaining composure in the face of hardship. Even when confronted with a situation that induces tension, its meaning encourages tranquillity. Thus, you may quickly think about your reaction to an occurrence before allowing your emotions run crazy!

Additionally, the stone aids with communication.

Pisces are infamously poor conversationalists. They’re affable and easy to get along with, but they’re occasionally so preoccupied by other ideas that it’s difficult to maintain a whole conversation! In such instances, Blue Calcite may assist Pisces to remain on-topic without inhibiting their social skills.

Cancers are quite effective communicators. Unless, of course, they are unhappy! When their emotions get the better of them, Cancers might become withdrawn and difficult to communicate with.

Blue Calcite is a natural enhancer of communication. It compels you to express your truth, even if doing so is sometimes difficult.

What is the Crystal Structure of Blue Calcite gemstone?

The blue Calcite gemstone crystal is an octahedrite mineral calcite. This member of the chalcedonic group normally forms 6-sided crystals having a body color ranging from pale blue to deep blue or greenish blue. The most important point is its delicacy which makes it more valuable and favourable in jewellery production than other calcites stones such as rose quartz, citräen stone etc.

How to Identify Blue Calcite by Sight?

It is blue in color with the clarity is not high and crystal structure other chalcedoncite calcite stones such as citräen stone. The substances are usually found in animal association mainly mammal communication.

How much does the Blue Calcite cost?

Average blue Calcite gemstone jewellery price is about $150-USD per stone. If you buy more than 5 chalcedonite calcite stones depends on its size, weight and clarity of the blue color out from shipping charges in order to save your money so easily like most “rare” raw minerals.

What are the Similarities and Differences Between Orange Calcite and Blue Calcite?

Orange calcite and blue calcite may have different colors, but they share similarities in their metaphysical properties. Both are believed to enhance creativity, uplift mood, and support emotional healing. However, their unique energies differentiate them. Orange calcite meaning is associated with boosting self-confidence and courage, while blue calcite is linked to calming anxiety and promoting communication.

Is Selenite Similar to Blue Calcite in Terms of Healing Properties?

Is Selenite Similar to Blue Calcite in Terms of Healing Properties? When it comes to crystals, there is much to discover. Selenite crystals are revered for their calming effect on the mind and body, aiding in stress relief and promoting clarity. On the other hand, Blue Calcite is known for its soothing energy, assisting with emotional healing and enhancing communication. While both crystals possess unique qualities, it is important to explore all about selenite crystals and comprehend the distinctive benefits they offer.

How to take care of the Blue Calcite?

The blue calcite gemstone is made of chalcedonic calcite crystal structure which normally with many impurities. The blue color stone is difficult to clean and very sensitive it may be damaged from chemicals, polishing process (such as use of hardwater or high pressure water).

Final thoughts

The significance of Blue Calcite has always intrigued us among all the stones we’ve encountered. It should be evident why this stone is so enticing, since its characteristics may aid in personal development and evolution.

Tell us if you’ve tried it for yourself and what your experience was. We may add a special section to this guide with reader contributions!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is blue Calcite good for?

Blue calcite is a type of calcite that is usually a light blue or turquoise color. It is often used as a decorative stone because of its high luster and natural beauty. It is also popular for its healing properties, as it is said to be good for the skin, teeth, and bones.

What does Blue Calcite represent?

Blue Calcite is a type of calcite that is often found in deposits of sedimentary rocks. The color of blue calcite is due to the presence of copper and aluminum elements, which cause the mineral to fade to a blue color when exposed to light. This mineral is most commonly found in India, Mexico, Brazil, and other parts of South America.

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