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Blue tigers eye

Blue Tigers Eye

In this article about Blue Tigers Eye gemstone, we will first tell you about the history of Blue Tigers Eye, introduce you to the different characteristics of this gemstone, describe and explain the healing properties and uses, and we will end this article by explaining its price and how to recognize this gemstone.

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Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

What is a Blue Tigers Eye gemstone?

Blue Tiger’s Eye has been prized for its magnificence and medicinal qualities since the beginning of time!

This stone is a kind of quartz, however it is not transparent like the pure stones you may be acquainted with. It has a silk-like reflecting sheen and is a chatoyant stone. The majority of the stone is blue or dark gray in color. Those stripes of silver, grey, or green, on the other hand, have an undeniably enigmatic look.

Surprisingly, the stone has a completely natural look. Asbestos filaments give the surface a lovely smooth sheen. It’s totally safe to handle since the filaments are encased in Quartz.

It’s also known as Hawk’s Eye, Falcon’s Eye, and Silicified Crocidolite, and has long been utilized by shamans. This gemstone has been a mythical talisman used to fend off the “Evil Eye” since its discovery. As a consequence, royal jewels, staffs, shields, or even architectural components were often adorned with it.

Blue Tiger’s Eye is still a popular choice among crystal healers as well as meditators today. It’s pretty common and easy to get by. Natural mines may be found all over the globe, although the majority of cuts originate from India, Brazil, Canada, or Namibia.

Blue tigers eye meaning

Blue Tiger’s Eye, also known as Hawk’s Eye, Falcon’s Eye, and Silicified Crocidolite, is a rare stone with a distinctive shine. Typically, the stone is gray or dark blue in color. Bands of shiny green, silver, and gray, on the other hand, provide an eye-catching finish.

This stone relates to the Quartz category and is chatoyant. The silk-like reflection created by such aligned inclusions has been admired since the beginning of time! Surprisingly, Blue Tiger’s Eye has a completely natural look.

The reflective bands are made out of asbestos fibers that have been encapsulated inside the Quartz. Unlike the brightness of comparable “Eye” stones, even the dark blue and gray colors are naturally occuring.

The main connotation of Blue Tiger’s Eye is that it provides protection. When early man found this stone, it soon became a symbol for protection. It was thought to be a holy mineral that peeled off the “Evil Eye” in many civilizations. As a consequence, it may be seen on antique jewelry, staffs, architectural details, and much more!

The stone is very popular among crystal healers today. Its cleaning properties have the ability to have a beneficial impact on the mind, body, or spirit.

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Blue Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties

For some people, Blue Tiger’s Eye is just a beautiful stone. Many people think, however, that this stone has healing and energy qualities that may affect your body, mind, or soul!

Here are among the most notable advantages that healers seek by this stone, apart from its beautiful appearance.

The physical benefits of Blue Tiger’s Eye

The most well-known qualities of Tiger’s Eye are those that may help your mental and spiritual well-being. However, others claim that these advantages may also show in bodily manifestations.

The mental advantages it may offer may have a direct effect on your body in terms of general wellness. There is a significant link between physical and mental well-being. Those who suffer from sadness and anxiety are more likely to develop cardiac problems and stress-related illnesses.

Blue Tiger’s Eye may possibly help with such issues by calming the mind. When people use this stone, they claim to have reduced blood pressure, cleaner skin, and better sleep. This stone is used by some crystal healers to assist remove the body of pollutants that may harm your health, in addition to eliminating negative energy.

Many healers think it has a strong impact on the adrenal glands. They claim that it restores hormone balance and normalizes your body’s biochemistry. It is believed to boost metabolism and improve the balance of hormones that control your emotions.

It’s even utilized with the intention of giving blood and nutritional advantages! Many therapists swear by the stone’s capacity to improve nutrition absorption and balance blood cell levels.

More specifically, it’s believed to help those with eyesight and gastrointestinal problems. Some think it may assist with ocular problems and help you view the world more clearly, in terms of mental clarity.

Overall, Blue Tiger’s Eye is often utilized to improve physical health and vigor. While the majority of the qualities and advantages are a side effect of mental and spiritual purification, they are nevertheless appreciated!

The emotional benefits of Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue Tiger’s Eye is believed to provide the most significant emotional advantages. Emotional ebbs and flows affect everyone at some point in their lives. This stone, according to therapists and crystologists, may assist you in finding the serenity and calm you desire!

Blue Tiger’s Eye’s qualities are all about restoring emotional equilibrium. Many individuals find themselves trapped in a cycle of hopelessness. Because dark energy mucks up the works, past traumas and psychological pain may hinder you from perceiving the light of life and enjoying those emotional highs.

This gemstone is often suggested to those who are depressed. Its soothing effect, according to healers, fosters inner serenity and harmony.

However, it does not help you forget or disregard the darkness inside your thoughts. Instead, it gives you the opportunity to look at those negative ideas with new eyes. You may acquire a better understanding of your own ideas and discover a better balance amid life’s rollercoaster.

This gives you more clarity than you’ve ever had before! That realization sheds light on problems you may have been burying for a long time, pushing you to confront them and move ahead.

Overall, the emotional calm and clarity provided by this stone allows you to behave with more honesty.

It enables you to behave logically and make good choices in all aspects of your life. Communication is a prime example of this. Instead of acting on aggressive feelings in the midst of a dispute, the stone urges you to step back and consider your options.

You’ll be able to express your emotions more effectively, preventing the spread of dark energy. This may help you strengthen your connections with the people you care about the most.

Meanwhile, the calm that Blue Tiger’s Eye offers may help you feel more self-assured. You open yourself up to an universe of good experiences when you love yourself and also can learn to manage your emotions more clearly.

The spiritual benefits of Blue Tigers Eye

Blue Tiger’s Eye is believed to have an especially powerful spiritual link. Shamans utilized it extensively to shield themselves from the horrors that lurked in the shadows. This stone is still used by many healers for that purpose today.

Blue Tiger’s Eye is believed to enhance psychic abilities in individuals who pursue different kinds of psychic exercise. It’s a popular choice among clairvoyants, who claim that it improves clarity and seeing strength. Many people utilize it to improve their astral projection and distant seeing abilities.

Even if this isn’t something you’re interested in, Blue Tiger’s Eye’s qualities are still helpful to your spiritual well-being.

The Blue Tigers Eye Chakras

Blue Tigers Eye, like other famous healing stones, has a variety of metaphysical qualities that make it popular in meditation groups. It has the ability to activate and connect with all of the chakras! This is a strong stone that healers believe may transmit an energy flow across your body.

Your throat and third-eye chakras, according to several metaphysical healers, provide the most advantages.

Blue Tiger’s Eye may help you enhance your communication skills by working on the throat chakra. It removes obstructions, allowing you to receive energy from the lower heart chakra. The emotional energy in the throat finds more equilibrium, enabling you to become more open and honest in your communication with others.

You have the freedom to speak your mind and express how you feel. Simultaneously, you’ll discover more effective methods to express yourself, guaranteeing that your connections grow stronger and more solid.

Blue Tigers Eye is believed to open up the third-eye chakra, allowing you to guide light and energy. It enhances your intuition, assisting you in manifesting the change you want.

You may acquire a better understanding of your emotions and view things for how they are.

Blue Tigers Eye zodiac sign

The Blue Tiger’s Eye stone is beneficial to everyone. It isn’t closely linked to any astrological sign, so no matter which sign you were born under, you may benefit from its soothing influence.

Despite this, Leos and Capricorns are said to be the most affected by the stone.

People born under certain signs are prone to being dominated by their emotions. They are, however, on opposing ends of the emotional range!

When Leos are subjected to emotional stress, they get very agitated. They allow such emotions to fester until they can no longer contain them. Due to the rivers flowing, many Leos are reported to have nervous breakdowns!

This may result in their emotions taking full control of their lives. Blue Tiger’s Eye may be able to help you avoid this. It takes away the emotional anguish while maintaining the bank account in the black!

Capricorns, on the other side, are gloomy by nature. At first glance, they seem to let darkness reflect off of them with little impact. This may seem to be advantageous, yet it often hinders Capricorns from enjoying life’s pleasures.

Capricorns need a sense of equilibrium, which Blue Tiger’s Eye offers. It allows people to be more fully present and start opening their hearts than their natural state would allow.

How to use the Blue Tiger’s Eye gemstone?

When it comes to determining the various Blue Tiger’s Eye characteristics to your life, the options are limitless.

It’s most frequently used as a relaxation stone, however. During guided meditation, tumbled and polished pebbles are simple to handle and utilize.

Directly on your neck and third-eye chakra, place the rocks. You may get continuous protection and maintain your Qi adjusted at all times by practicing regular meditation. It’s always nice to have direct skin-to-rock touch.

Finally, the Blue Tiger’s Eye stone may be used as a totem. It is a popular concern stone that many people wear on a daily basis. Rub the stone if you’re in a difficult position.

This allows you to remain cool, collected, and alert. It encourages you to think more clearly and prevents darkness from engulfing your body and mind.

What is the Crystal Structure of Blue Tigers Eye gemstone?

Blue Tigers Eye is a gemstone with a crystal structure called the “hexagon-octahedron”
The hexagon-octahedron is a type of crystal with six sides, six vertices and twelve edges. The geometric shape is created by adding two pyramids together to make one larger one. This shape gives the gemstone its name.

Blue tigers eye has been used in jewelry since ancient times and was used as an ornament in royalty of the Middle East. It has also been used for restorative purposes such as making healing crystals and enhancing well-being meditation.

Blue Tigers Eye geological specifications

Mineral InformationSilicon dioxide, macro crystalline quartz
Chemical compositionSiO2
Hardness7 (Mohs)
Refractive Index1.544 – 1.553
ColorGolden brown (Tiger’s eye); Blue (Hawk’s eye); some pieces show both colors.
Specific Gravity2.55 – 2.91

You can learn more about the Blue Tigers Eye specifications here.

How to Identify Blue Tiger’s Eye by Sight?

Blue Tiger’s eye is the vivid blue-green color gemstone. To identify it by sight, one needs to look for a specific curved design on the surface of the gemstone.

It is also worth noting that there are different shades of blue tiger’s eye. Some have a blackish shade while others have a slightly darker, greenish shade.
Blue Tiger’s Eye is sometimes referred to as Indian Sapphire.

How to Identify Blue Tiger's Eye by Sight?

How much does the Blue Tiger’s Eye cost?

The Blue Tiger’s Eye is a type of gemstone with a bright blue color and a distinctive star-like pattern formed in it. The cost of the stone depends on its size, color, and quality.

The blue tiger eye can have many different meanings depending on the person to person. Some people view it as a symbol of power and wealth while others see it as an indication of how much they’ve overcome adversities in life.

The price for this particular stone can range from $20 to $500 depending on the size, color, and quality.

How to take care of the Blue Tiger’s Eye stone?

The gemstone should be cleaned on a regular basis to keep its powerful powers. You may put it in a bowl with herbs like sandalwood or sage, meditate to clear it, or use sound waves to cleanse it.

The Blue Tiger’s Eye stone is often difficult to manage and keep clean, but if you pay attention to the following tips, you can take good care of it.

The first thing you should do is ensure that the stone has enough humidity in the air. Humidity prevents mold from forming on the surface of the stone. You want to maintain a high amount of humidity as this will keep your Blue Tiger’s Eye stone clean and safe.

The next thing you should do is keep it away from direct sunlight or heat. Too much light or heat can cause some damage to the color and texture of your Blue Tigers Eye stone, which can be detrimental for its value and beauty.

Final thoughts

The main meaning and characteristics of Blue Tiger’s Eye are all about protection, and it is something that may benefit a lot of individuals.

The world seems to many of us to be more chaotic and unpredictable than it has ever been. It may be very beneficial to have a strong influence around to assist you in securely embarking on your life’s path.

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