Blue Tigers eye pendant

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The Blue Tigers eye pendant is a beautiful accessory that enhances your spirituality and helps you to live a balanced life. Wear this Chakra Stone as a pendant to heal your body, mind, and spirit.

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Due to its breath of bravery and exceptional resiliency, Blue Tigers eye has been associated with the might of the sun god Ra since ancient times and was prized as a talisman in combat. The countries of India, Brazil, Canada, and Namibia all contain this lucky gemstone. This blue chatoyant mineral has a smooth gloss and a hardness rating of a high 6 or 7. It is made of silicon dioxide and, if left unattended for a prolonged period of time, will change into golden Tiger’s Eye.

What are the benefits of wearing the Blue Tigers eye pendant?

Blue Tigers eye has a significant relaxing impact and eases any anxiety thanks to its gentle blue tones. It also supports the development of tolerance, acceptance, and tolerance for others as well as the world around us. Communication is also facilitated by this improvement in understanding and intuition, which also gives life a more upbeat vibe.

Blue tigers eye pendant specifications

  • Gemstone: blue tigers eye
  • Necklace provided

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