Cherry Quartz pendant

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Looking for a unique pendant with a wonderful energy gemstone? This cherry quartz pendant is a great accessory for your everyday. It is also perfect for gift giving!

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Cherry Quartz is a beautiful synthetic gemstone created by combining cinnabar and actual rebuilt crystal. The translucent crystal is heated afterward to produce the spectacular, sudden flashes of pink color. The ores in Cherry Quartz produce cloud patterns, swirls, plumes, and speckles, which add to the crystal’s brilliance.

What are the benefits of wearing the Cherry Quartz pendant

Wearing cherry quartz pendant will send protective, calming vibrations into your environment that will help eliminate any negative energy. Having it before traveling is also a wonderful idea because it provides security and guarantees easy travel. This variety of quartz is particularly useful for treating psychological traumas. You feel as though you are in a sincere, caring environment, which awakens the emotional energy center. Cherry Quartz can soften rigid emotions like worry, anxiety, wrath, and envy. It will be replaced by the stone with a feeling of relief, peace, and harmony.

Cherry quartz pendant specifications

  • Gemstone: cherry quartz
  • Necklace provided

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