Labradorite pendant

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This labradorite pendant is a powerful crystal that promotes the release of energy blockages and helps to balance your aura. It also provides protection from negative energies.

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A Knight pierced labradorite with a spear, releasing some of the hues, but leaving others locked inside the gemstone. According to tradition, this enchanted stone is where Aurora Borealis was born. It frequently ranges in color from off-white to black or from blue to green depending on its size, but it also contains crystals that are widely utilized to make jewelry in green or light blue tones.

What are the benefits of wearing the Labradorite pendant?

The “stone of metamorphosis” known as labradorite aids in your emotional and spiritual growth. This gemstone can help you feel self-assured and empowered, follow your dreams, and eventually get what you want out of life. People claim that labradorite brings out their best qualities! Labradorite pendant is also an excellent accessory to use during meditation to enhance your psychic and intuitive abilities, communicate with your spirit guides, and remember previous lifetimes.

Labradorite pendant specifications

  • Gemstone: labradorite
  • Necklace provided

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