Red Jasper pendant

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The Red Jasper pendant is a gemstone of peace and always helps to bring light into the world. It has been called the gemstone of compassion and is believed to be good for protecting the aura from negative energy.

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The mineral class Chalcedony includes Red Jasper. It is an opaque kind of quartz with an opaque transparency and vitreous luster. The deep red hue of red jasper ranges from bright red to brownish red. Red jasper gemstone was associated with Mother Isis’ fertility in ancient Egypt, while it was thought to symbolize the earth’s blood by Native Americans. According to legend, jasper could ward off evil spirits, provide immunity to attacks from spiders and snakes, and even deliver rain!

What are the benefits of wearing the Red Jasper pendant?

Red jasper is a gemstone noted for offering exceptional protection against all types of dangers. This was the reason it was such a well-liked crystal among warriors or those who were in combat. In addition to protecting against danger, electromagnetic smog, and pollution, it is also well known for maintaining a healthy circulatory system and a constant state of detoxification in the body.

Red Jasper pendant specifications

  • Gemstone: red jasper
  • Necklace provided

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