Picture Jasper pendant

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Picture jasper pendant can aid you in clearing your negative self-talk. This jasper gemstone absorbs stress, calms anxiety and brings positive energy into the wearer’s life.

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Jasper gemstones can be found all throughout the world, although the largest known picture jasper concentrations are in Brazil and Africa. Picture Jasper, a stunning kind of Brown Jasper, is distinguished by artistic “scenes” and landscape patterns created by Mother Nature, and it’s thought to hold ancient secrets concealed within. Many cultures around the world held it in high esteem for its close ties to the planet and its capacity for predicting the future and predicting the land’s future. It is referred to as the Stone of Global Awareness because it is thought to be more directly connected to the Earth than any other Jasper.

What are the benefits of wearing the Picture Jasper pendant?

Picture jasper is a gemstone of joyful dreams and can provide soothing confidence during stressful or anxious times. It eases the pain of loss for people who are mourning and encourages you to live in the here and now rather than obsessing on the past or the future. When someone is “stuck” in their thoughts, picture jasper pendant can assist them in moving on by allowing them to use the insights they have obtained via their dreams and imagination as opposed to remaining still.

Picture Jasper pendant specifications

  • Gemstone: picture jasper
  • Necklace provided

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