Indian Agate pendant

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This indian agate pendant is a beautiful and unique piece. It reminds the wearer to be aware of the importance of Mother Earth. It brings you good luck and long life.

Indian Agate pendant
Indian Agate pendant 18.99  Original price was: 18.99 €.13.99 Current price is: 13.99 €.

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Indian agate is among the oldest healing and lucky gemstones. It has been used in jewelry since Biblical Babylonian times. This gemstone develop as a result of millions of years of silica deposits accumulating in rock crevices. Its unusual appearance is a result of its patterns. Idian agate is commonly known as the Eye Stone because of its design.

What are the benefits of wearing the Indian Agate pendant?

Indian agate, also referred to as the “gemstone of eternity,” eases the thought of aging by enhancing inner beauty, knowledge, and thankfulness for everything that has been and will be. It encourages a positive view on life and aids in the release of old emotions. It makes the heart vibrate in a peaceful and relaxing manner. Indian agate’s color encourages fortitude, willpower, and inventiveness. This stone is adorned with garlands and worn as a sign of divinity by Indian sages, holy men, and gurus.

Indian agate pendant specifications

  • Gemstone: indian agate
  • Necklace provided

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