Black Labradorite pendant

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This black labradorite pendant has the power to help you create whatever comes to mind. Its beautiful grey, white and blue hues will bring you a warm feeling as it emits a mysterious glow!

Black Labradorite pendant
Black Labradorite pendant 18.99  Original price was: 18.99 €.13.99 Current price is: 13.99 €.

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Black labradorite, commonly referred to as larvikite, is a dark grey gemstone with specks of black inclusions that frequently exhibits blue iridescence. Black Labradorite complements other grey or black gemstones, such as Onyx, Hematite, and Black Tourmaline, well in jewelry designs. Labradorite in shades of blue or gray might well complement Black Labradorite.

Despite its resemblance, this gemstone is not a genuine kind of Labradorite. Larvikite is called after the Norwegian city of Larvik, where it was initially found. Black Labradorite is supposed to signify inner transformation and fortitude through times of transition from a metaphysical standpoint. Numerous gemstone specialists feel that Black Labradorite’s motivating and uplifting energy may aid in managing life changes such as graduations, relocations, and the beginning of a new job.

What are the benefits of wearing the black labradorite pendant?

This stone may improve your spiritual concentration and willpower while still having a stunning appearance. Labradorite draws good fortune, thus its other name, the Good Luck Gemstone. If you want greater riches, great fortune, and happiness in your life, you should never go without this stone!

Black labradorite specifications

  • Gemstone: Black labradorite
  • Necklace provided


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