Howlite pendant

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This Howlite (also known as White Turquoise) pendant is an awesome piece that looks great with any outfits. It is a remarkable piece, and it will surely add a nice touch to your clothing. The pendant provides superior quality and creates a stunning and magnificent look in your attire.

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Genuine howlite often originates in Arizona and Nevada in the United States. Although it is also referred to as White Turquoise, the material actually passes the test for genuine Turquoise because of a small blue or green hue caused by the minerals in the rock. Many turquoise mines in the United States offer pale to white turquoise material that will test as turquoise, but it is so soft that it has the hardness of chalk, approximately “1” on the Mohs Scale.

What are the benefits of wearing the howlite pendant?

The howlite gemstone is known as a relaxing gemstone. It aids in calming the body, the mind, and the emotions. It reduces a lot of the initial anxiety-provoking factors, including self- and other-criticism, egotism, tension, and other things. If you want more calm and tranquility in your life, this is the gemstone for you. Also, wearing white turquoise is a great approach to assist spiritual growth and to open yourself up to greater levels of thought, knowledge, and insight.

Howlite pendant specifications

  • Gemstone: howlite
  • Necklace provided

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