Prehnite pendant

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This prehnite pendant is crafted from the most popular healing stone on earth. It is a powerful stone for crystal healing and has been used to increase intuition, enhance psychic abilities, and help with manifestation.

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In 1788, Von Prehn discovered the first prehnite in South Africa. He gave the name of this gemstone made by a calcium aluminum silicate mineral. The delicate pear-like shade of the light green stone is well renowned for conjuring images of nature’s wealth and is thought to have mystical healing abilities.

The benefits of wearing the Prehnite pendant

Prehnite has been used into numerous healing practices over the years, both for physical and mental ailments. This relaxing green stone is thought to reduce high levels of stress and strengthen the bones, teeth, and nails. Moreover, prehnite stones are reputed to be useful for persons who operate in circumstances that need a high level of attention to detail because of their capacity to boost intuition. This can apply to cooks, doctors, tailors, or artists.

Prehnite pendant specifications

  • Gemstone: prehnite
  • Necklace provided

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