Smoky Quartz pendant



The Smoky Quartz pendant is a wonderful piece of crystal to have in your jewelry collection. It is a warm, smoky color that accents any look in your wardrobe.

Smoky Quartz pendant
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Crystalline quartz that occurs in different colors is known as “smoky quartz.” They can be anything from a pale yellow-brown to a dark brown that, due to its intensity, can even be mistaken for a black gemstone. Due to its proximity to radiation-producing natural sources like radioactive minerals, this lovely kind of quartz has a unique tint. Irradiation is another method that can be used to intentionally create the hue.

What are the benefits of wearing the Smoky Quartz pendant?

Smoky quartz is a powerful and enigmatic gemstone, but it also has various uses and therapeutic advantages. This gemstone is for you if you have trouble letting go of old habits, beliefs, feelings, and cognitive patterns. You can ground into the earth by using this technique, which is believed to draw pure light energy from the crown chakra into the root chakra.

Smoky quartz pendant specifications

  • Gemstone: smoky quartz
  • Necklace provided

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