Rutilated Quartz pendant

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This rutilated quartz pendant was mined in Brazil. It has a very high energy frequency and it can help to create balance and harmony in your aura.

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For a very long time, miners and mineral sorters dismissed rutilated quartz as worthless, much like a diamond in the uncut stage. This kind of quartz was thought to be tainted because only pure quartz was valued. But this started to alter in the middle of the 20th century. Rutilated quartz’s ethereal beauty caught the attention of fashion designers and collectors, who occasionally compared its glistening rutile strands to angel’s hair. This gemstone has inclusions with syringe-like shapes that vary in colour, density, structure and size. The dots are composed of rutile, a crystal of titanium dioxide.

What are the benefits of wearing the Rutilated Quartz pendant?

The force of rutilated quartz pendant facilitates the connection with the Transcendental awareness and helps you to get Spiritual instruction that might last for a long time. Quartz and rutile working together provide an amazing resonance. This quartz gemstone threads incorporates the fiery brilliance of the rutile and quartz combination with amazing energy. They can employ these helpful therapeutic gemstones in your daily life thanks to the combination of these elements.

Rutilated quartz pendant specifications

  • Gemstone: rutilated quartz
  • Necklace provided

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