Tiger’s eye bead pendant



Tiger’s eye beads are the most powerful and protective stones of the planet. They represent strength, courage, assertiveness and truthfulness.

Tiger's eye bead pendant
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The USA, South Africa, Australia and Brazil are just a few of the places where you can find tiger’s eye bead. Because of its similarity to an eye, ancient Roman soldiers in particular believed it to be strong. Eyes stand for omnipotence, which is a trait that is greatly valued on any battlefield. This gemstone is also said by some civilizations to be able to fend off the Evil Eye. Besides, the ancient Chinese believed tiger’s eye bead would bring luck to the wearer.

What are the benefits of wearing the Tiger’s eye bead pendant?

Tiger’s eye bead pendant is ideal if you desire to control your own inner power and overcome emotional obstacles. Its confident, uplifting vibe is also incredibly effective in attracting wealth. With the aid of tiger’s eye bead, negative emotions can be changed into uplifting ones. You will be given the ability to overcome fear and develop courage thanks to this gemstone. Tiger’s eye baed also aids in reminding you that anything you set your mind to may be achieved.

Tiger’s eye bead pendant specification

  • Gemstone: tiger’s eye
  • Necklace provided

Additional information

Necklace color

Gold Chain, Tiger Eye, Black Chain, Brown Chain

Beads Size

12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm



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