Lapis Lazuli pendant

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Be a lady of style and elegance with this gorgeous pendant. A perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, the lapis lazuli pendant is an ancient gemstone which has been prized for its celestial qualities for millennia.

Lapis Lazuli pendant
Lapis Lazuli pendant 18.99  Original price was: 18.99 €.13.99 Current price is: 13.99 €.

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Several minerals constitues lapis lazuli gemstone. Variable amounts of the host rock, the pale calcite matrix, or specks or veins of glistening golden pyrite, or even both, are frequently found in lapis. The gemstone can also be flawlessly consistent in color and devoid of pyrite and calcite that can be seen.

What are the benefits of wearing the Lapis Lazuli pendant?

With the use of higher energies and vibrations, lapis lazuli helps one to cleanse themselves of negative energies. These lasts assist a person in becoming more conscious of his or her inner self. It also frees oneself from restrictions and issues they have placed on themselves. Numerous chakras are opened, and inner truth, good magic, cleansing, and love are all brought into people’s lives. Besides, many health advantages of lapis lazuli exist. It improves blood flow, decreases blood pressure, cleanses the blood, and reduces any inflammation the body may have. Additionally, it is supposed to treat throat, thyroid, and depression-related issues as well as sleeplessness. The respiratory system and nervous system gain from it.

Lapis Lazuli pendant specifications

  • Gemstone: lapis lazuli
  • Necklace provided

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