Dragon Blood Jasper bracelet

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This dragon bloodstone bracelet reflects the power of dragons. Bloodstone is known as the gemstone of love and romance, which promotes the release of both negative and positive energy.

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An “obelisk of bravery,” Dragon Blood Jasper is a type of quartz that is mined in South Africa and has a Mohs hardness of 7. It has scarlet specks and veins within an opaque green backdrop. According to legend, the red and green colors of the gemstone represent the blood and green, the skin, of long-deceased ancient dragons.

What are the benefits of wearing the Dragon Blood Jasper bracelet?

Dragon Blood Jasper’s color symbolizes the hard exterior and tender heart of a dragon. It represents the blood of the dragon, kindling the inner fire to improve stamina, endurance, courage, and focus. The gemstone’s frequency helps you to soothe the mind and body, which makes it easier to create and achieve you goals, spark youcreativity, and work toward making everything right. Dragon Blood Jasper bracelet will support the process of self-knowledge and self-love healing.

Dragon Blood Jasper bracelet specifications

  • Gemstone: Dragon Blood Jasper
  • Beads size: 6mm, 8mm


Additional information

Beads Size

6mm, 8mm


17cm-6.7inch, 19cm-7.5inch, 21cm-8.3inch



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