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Mahogany obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian

In this article about the Mahogany Obsidian gemstone, we will first tell you about the history of Mahogany Obsidian, introduce you to the different characteristics of this gemstone, describe and explain the healing properties and uses, and we will end this article by explaining its price and how to recognize this gemstone.

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

What is a Mahogany Obsidian gemstone?

Since antiquity, obsidian has been utilized as a gemstone. Mahogany obsidian is a beautiful piece of mahogany wood that gleams like glass. Obsidian is a found naturally volcanic glass formed when feldspar and quartz-rich lava cools too quickly to form crystals. Because of its complicated composition and lack of crystalline structure, it is not regarded a genuine mineral.

Because of its lack of fracture and keen edges when shattered, obsidian was used to create smooth and cutting surgical knives and arrowheads in addition to its ornamental usage. Obsidian was utilized by Stone Age humans for weapons and tools, Native Americans for arrowheads, and the Incans for weapons, mirrors, and masks.
Obsidian was called after Obsuis, a Roman who found a stone that looked a lot like it.

Mahogany obsidian is a kind of obsidian with black and red color banding caused by iron impurities.

Mahogany Obsidian meaning

Mahogany Obsidian Healing Properties

Mahogany Obsidian is a type of volcanic rock that can be found in Oregon. It has been used for centuries in North America to create masks and other ceremonial objects. The stone also has a wide range of healing properties that are currently being studied by scientists.

The physical benefits of Mahogany Obsidian

Physically, Mahogany Obsidian is said to improve the health of the liver, lungs, and other bottom organs. Metaphysical healers most often utilize it to aid cleansing and relieve physical stress. It’s also a good idea for anybody dealing with body image issues including anorexia, bulimia, as well as obesity, and also unique physical disabilities.

The emotional benefits of Mahogany Obsidian

Emotional: When dealing with past emotional traumas and scars, Mahogany Obsidian is a really soothing stone to work with. It brings out unconscious memories of trauma, emotions of shame and guilt, and self-worth beliefs in a gentle and safe way. It then assists us in working through issues and arriving at a genuine settlement. Mahogany Obsidian also inspires us to think freely our passion and sexuality, as well as to let go of bad body ideas, and to feel that we are beautiful exactly the way we are.

It has a calm vibration that is soothing when we are feeling depressed. Mahogany Obsidian acknowledges and calms our feelings when there is nothing we could control, like as death or grief. If there is anything we have control over or can alter, like our relations or careers, Mahogany Obsidian may assist us in seeing the issue clearly and solving it quickly and easily.

The spiritual benefits of Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian is a profound grounding stone that assists us in anchoring our spiritual lives within the entire range of mortal human existence. It assists us in staying focused and approaching life with a holistic mindset that involves equal attention to our spiritual, emotional, and physical requirements. It also assists us in better recognizing both the mind-body and the body-mind relationship.

Mahogany Obsidian also shields you against unwanted negative energy from other individuals and psychic assaults from other beings. It is a stone of plenty, informing us that our economic health and well-being are equally essential, and that we deserve stability and pleasure. Mahogany Obsidian is connected to the Libra and Sagittarius astrological signs and is linked to the Root and Sacral Chakras. It is associated with the Earth element and resonates with the numbers 1 and 4.

The Mahogany Obsidian Chakras

Obsidian is a strong grounding stone that is renowned for giving wearers the courage to remain firm in their beliefs in the face of any adversary while also safeguarding its owners. Many people utilize it to eliminate energy blockages and breathe fresh life into their objectives and ambitions when they are in need. It is used by healers to alleviate pain and enhance circulation.

Obsidian is also said to be beneficial to people who are depressed or addicted. Mahogany obsidian, in instance, is believed to boost sexuality and sensuality, particularly when it comes to the sensation of touch.

Obsidian has always been linked with guardian angels that keep watch over us, reminding us that life and death are always present. People have drawn on its protecting force in obsidian weapons throughout history. Because it promotes the emergence of secrets and buried emotions, it is often referred to as “the stone of truth.”

Mahogany Obsidian zodiac sign

Mahogany obsidian crystal is linked with the signs of Libra and Sagittarius in the zodiac. Those birth under these signs may develop a strong emotional connection with these gemstones for no apparent reason.

Mahogany obsidian is an excellent present for anybody born under certain zodiac signs, but it is not to suggest that anyone else may benefit tremendously from working with this stone as well.

Mahogany obsidian is associated with the element of Earth in terms of the elements. This stone is believed to resonate with numbers 1 and 4, giving it a very emotive stone that may help heal existing pain or emotional scars.

How to use the Mahogany Obsidian gemstone?

Carry the Mahogany Obsidian Rolling Stone in your palm or put it in your pocket to help you achieve your objectives if you’re feeling less aggressive.

Similarly, keep it near by to assist you in keeping your feet on the floor.

On the table, the gemstone serves as a reminder to be concentrated, solid, and unaffected by distractions.

To encourage a deep anchoring, to be properly grounded, and to keep the attention from “wandering” too much in the meditation room.

The Mahogany Obsidian rolling stone is the ideal addition to the gorgeous mineral collection.

What is the Crystal Structure of Mahogany Obsidian gemstone?

The mahogany obsidian gemstone is a type of volcanic glass that is also known as a natural glass or obsidian. It is often used as an ornamental stone because it has many colors and patterns to it. Mahogany obsidian typically have shades of brown, yellow, red, black, and tan with small patches of white or purple. The coloration comes from the presence of iron oxide in the crystal structure which gives it its brown coloring.

Mahogany Obsidian geological specifications

Mountain mahogany obsidian, commonly known as mahogany obsidian, is a natural glass obsidian with mahogany colored stripes and patterns created by iron inclusions. Obsidian may be found almost wherever there has been volcanic activity. South America, Japan, Mexico, Afghanistan, and portions of the United States are among its most significant suppliers today.

Mineral InformationVolcanic, amorphous, siliceous glass
Chemical CompositionSrSO4
ColorBlack with red-brown streaks
Hardness5 to 5.5 (Mohs)
Specific Gravity2.3 – 2.6
Refractive Index1.48 – 1.51

You can learn more about the specifications here.

How to Identify Mahogany Obsidian by Sight?

Mahogany Obsidian is a type of obsidian that can be found in the United States, Mexico, and Guatemala. It is a dark brown with black or dark brown veins.

Mahogany obsidian

This volcanic rock has been used by people for more than 2,000 years as an arrowhead because of its durability and sharpness. It also has been used for ceremonial purposes to ward off evil spirits because it was believed that this rock was a sacred gemstone.

How Does Green Obsidian Compare to Mahogany Obsidian?

When comparing green obsidian stone properties to mahogany obsidian, there are noticeable differences. Green obsidian is known for its soothing energy and connection to nature, making it a popular choice for healing and grounding. On the other hand, mahogany obsidian is recognized for its strengthening and protective qualities, providing a sense of stability. Each stone possesses its own uniqueness and characteristics that cater to different needs and preferences.

What is the Difference Between Mahogany Obsidian and Milky Quartz?

Mahogany obsidian is a natural glass formed from volcanic activity, known for its dark brown and black colors. On the other hand, what is milky quartz is a white or pale gray variety of quartz. The main difference lies in their appearance, with obsidian being opaque and milky quartz being translucent.

How much does the Mahogany Obsidian cost?

Despite the fact that it is not as common as black obsidian, red obsidian has a value that is almost equal to that of its darker cousin.

You may anticipate to pay about $10 for smaller, tumbled red obsidian stones as you traverse the market. If they are made into jewelry, the price will be considerably higher, with just some pieces going for more than $50.

It’s rare that you’ll stumble across raw mahogany obsidian for sale in large quantities, and if you do, you can expect to spend $30 or more simply to take it home. Mahogany obsidian in bulk is far more likely to arrive in the shape of a package of single, smaller stones. These purses may cost upwards of $25 each.

For a set of five beads produced from offcuts or leftover mahogany obsidian, expect to pay about $10. You may use them to make your personal crystal jewelry or just keep them as addition of your crystal inventory.

How to take care of the Mahogany Obsidian stone?

Obsidian is a long-lasting substance that can be cleaned with a gentle cloth and dishwashing liquid. Soap residue may accumulate on it, so make sure you clean it well before polishing it. Ultrasonic cleansers and steamers really aren’t suggested for this gemstone, as they are for most others. Because obsidian is easily scratched, it should be stored in a soft casing away from harsh things.

Final thoughts

There is nothing more supporting and defensive than Mahogany-Obsidian if you’re searching for a helpful and protective stone!

Mahogany-Obsidian is a robust and powerful stone that may transfer its powers of bravery, strength, and willpower to you.

You would no longer be governed by your anxieties or worries with the assistance of this stone.

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  1. Thanks for the valuable information I got my hands on a pendulum of this quartz, and the information has been very useful, just a brief comment, due to the composition of iron oxide and its relationship with the earth, this quartz goes best with a sign taurus and aries, as the elements correspond to these signs. Thank you.

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