Mookaite bracelet



A mookaite bracelet is a stone inside a shell, and is believed to help with issues like stress and anxiety, as well as insomnia. The shell is said to help bring calmness and clarity to one’s life.

Mookaite bracelet
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The stone known as mookaite, also referred to as mookaite jasper, is discovered in Western Australia’s Kennedy Ranges, close to the creek that bears the same name. The term “mooka” refers to the numerous springs that flow into the Mooka region and also means “flowing waters” in the old aboriginal language. Mookaite exudes a strong, rustic elegance that can capture your attention and hold it. Due to its several medicinal qualities, it is a widely used gemstone.

What are the benefits of wearing the Mookaite bracelet?

When the energies of the mookaite jasper are working in you, you need not be afraid. This gemstone will allay your anxiety and help you to relax. It will demonstrate to you that you are capable of handling everything in this world. Moreover, Mookaite reassert your strength and the fact that you have all the tools you need to succeed, despite what you may believe. All you have to do is let it go and proceed when wearing mookaite bracelet.

Mookaite bracelet specifications

  • Gemstone: mookaite
  • Beads size: 6mm, 8mm

Additional information

Beads Size

6mm, 8mm


17cm-6.7inch, 19cm-7.5inch, 21cm-8.3inch



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