Picasso jasper bracelet

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This picasso jasper bracelet is ideal to wear both in work or in a party! Its gemstone has a good energy because it can help to strengthen the spirit and promote inner peace.

Picasso jasper bracelet
Picasso jasper bracelet $23.80 Original price was: $23.80.$19.04Current price is: $19.04.

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Picasso jasper, often known as Picasso gemstone, is not a true jasper at all but rather a metamorphic limestone. Picasso jasper’s stunning layers and hues are the consequence of heat and pressure deep in the earth. Iron oxides are what give this stone its lined patterns. Picasso jasper has many different colors and patterns, therefore it’s not surprising that it has a wide range of metaphysical characteristics. This unusual gemstone, which bears Pablo Picasso’s name, can be found in Utah or in United-States.

What are the benefits of wearing the Picasso jasper bracelet?

According to legend, Picasso Jasper may help one attract wholesome individuals into their lives, support and foster the development of wholesome, loving friendships, as well as assist in the revival of previous connections that may have fallen by the wayside. It helps to promote strength and self-control due to its powerfully relaxing and grounding qualities. Picasso Jasper bracelet is helpful for eye issues and can encourage weight loss in terms of physical health.

Picasso jasper bracelet specifications

  • Gemstone: picasso jasper
  • Beads size: 6mm, 8mm

Additional information

Beads Size

6mm, 8mm


17cm-6.7inch, 19cm-7.5inch, 21cm-8.3inch



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