Orgonite Pyramid Obsidian Amethyst “Ohm”


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The Orgone Pyramids will support and expand the different parts of the system that you want. What you need to do is hold one of our Ohm Balance Amethyst Blue Quartz Pyramids in your hand or wear one on your person. They also make a great home decoration. The combination of amethyst and blue quartz is both beautiful and energetically useful.

Blue quartz is an exceptional stone for psychic healing. It helps stabilize both chakras, coordinate the subtle bodies, and is ideal for spiritual connection and meditation. It is also an excellent stone for preserving the aura and developing psychic abilities. It absorbs all forms of toxic energy, including electromagnetic smog and pollution.

Amethyst promotes meditation and helps develop intuition and psychological abilities. It enables us to understand the underlying causes of our habits and emotional patterns and to accept responsibility for our reality. Calming the mind and inducing relaxation are very beneficial.



  • Improves ability to be creative and expressive
  • Facilitates dream healing
  • Healing on a psychic level
  • Improves ability to think clearly
  • Encourages hope
  • Personal development
  • Enhances virtue of beauty (inner and outer)
  • Protection Increases harmony Immunological system benefits
  • Headaches are alleviated
  • Assists in the treatment of hearing impairments

Chakra Association

Amethyst is the ultimate spiritual stone, containing cleansing, healing and protective energies that help cleanse, open and balance the 7th chakra. This chakra is purple in color and is often called the crown chakra because of its location near the crown of the head. In addition, it activates the third eye and etheric chakras by enhancing cognitive awareness and accelerating the development of intuitive and psychic abilities.

Blue quartz is aligned with the throat and third eye chakras and facilitates communication between the upper and lower chakras. It confers a sense of security and awareness, as well as inner tranquility and confidence.

Specifications of our Pyramid Orgonite Obsidian Amethyst “Ohm”

Stones: Amethyst, blue quartz, gold leaf, resin.

Shape: Pyramid

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6 cm


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