Orgonite Pyramid Metatron with Malachite


Orgonite Pyramid Metatron with Malachite
Orgonite Pyramid Metatron with Malachite $39.90

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Some say that this metatron orgonite pyramid with malachite is one of the most powerful. It is a geometrical wonder that contains the mysteries of the universe.

It is made of an extremely rare stone: the green malachite pyrite. This mineral is known to stimulate brain activity and improve your concentration level. As for the Metatron Cube, it activates your mental and physical energy and is designed to awaken your full potential. In other words, this symbol allows you to gain spiritual enlightenment. In this state, you experience total tranquility, permanent happiness and inner peace. Apparently, this mystical orgone also has the power to destroy waves of negativity, for your greater well-being.

Specifications, virtues and benefits of our orgonite pyramid Metatron with malachite

  • Helps to reach spiritual enlightenment
  • Helps to eliminate negative energy
  • Can boost your self-confidence
  • Materials used: green malachite pyrite, metatron cube, gold leaf, resin
  • Dimensions: 6cm high and wide

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6 cm


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