Phoenix stone bracelet

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The phoenix stone bracelet is made from a gorgeous stone from the earth. It is said that wearing this bracelet on your right hand will lead to good luck, while wearing it on your left will lead to enlightenment.

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Chrysocolla, malachite, and turquoise make up the three components of the phoenix gemstone, often known as the compassion stone. This gemstone is renowned for helping people repair their emotions. It offers joy and encourages self-realization. It shields you from all fears and leads you to a fulfilling existence. It aids in your depression recovery. In essence, it promotes mental happiness. After wearing phoenix stone, you’ll experience creativity.

What are the benefits of wearing the Phoenix stone bracelet?

For a better life, you must wear phoenix. Phoenix is a strong gemstone or, as we might say, a stone that is motivated by the spirit. Its spiritual asset will assist you in finding balance in your life. Giving up negative thinking and opening the way to fresh success are two uses for it. Phoenix stone can help you determine your own worth. Aquarius people should wear Phoenix stone bracelet to feel energised and appreciated.

Phoenix stone bracelet specifications

  • Gemstone: phoenix
  • Beads size: 6mm, 8mm

Additional information

Beads Size

6mm, 8mm


17cm-6.7inch, 19cm-7.5inch, 21cm-8.3inch



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