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In this article about Septarian gemstone, we will first tell you about the history of Septarian, introduce you to the different characteristics of this gemstone, describe and explain the healing properties and uses, and we will end this article by explaining its price and how to recognize this gemstone.

Here is what we will talk about in the rest of this article:

What is a Septarian gemstone?

Septarian is an antique stone that channels Mother Earth’s both beautiful and terrible energies. It’s a great depiction of the planet’s tumultuous past, as well as a sign of the beauty to come.

This isn’t a one-of-a-kind mineral. It’s a sanctification, which is a mineral-hardened mass. Septarian is mostly made up of Argonite, Calcite, plus Limestone in this instance. Other minerals, such as Barite or Chalcedony, may also occur.

Several million years ago, during the Cretaceous Period, these minerals began their path toward fusion. The decomposition of dead marine life began at the ocean’s depths. Minerals in their carapace drew silt in, which engulfed the rotting corpses and formed unique nodules.

The Septarian nodules eventually dried up as the water levels dropped. This resulted in noticeable fractures and cracks. The stone’s distinctive name comes from the fact that most cracks explode forth like a seven-pointed star.

The different minerals solidified over millions of years to create the tri-colored gemstone we know today. White, dark brown, grayish, and yellow colors may be found in the stone.

Septarian may be found in a variety of natural settings all over the globe. However, since the Gulf of Mexico formerly stretched much farther into the continent, it is most plentiful in Utah. It’s also discovered in Madagascar, which, during the Cretaceous Period, had comparable circumstances to the Gulf of Mexico.

Septarian meaning

This historical artifact has a variety of effects on individuals. The primary Septarian connotation, on the other hand, is that of grounded steadiness.

Septarian is mostly about empowering you to feel secure in your own skin. This stone’s characteristics have a deep link to our planet’s tremendous forces, harnessing and transmitting their energies to you. It instills strength in you and pushes you to delve deep as you discover your real calling.

This gemstone emits a caring aura that keeps you of ever feeling misplaced or unwelcome. It’s never simple to find your mission and live life to the fullest. But, with Septarian’s help and the confidence that comes with it, remaining true to yourself will never be simpler!

Septarian’s meaning encourages you to be assertive and stand out for yourself. It encourages you to remain true to who you truly are, rather than concentrating on what keeps others happy and what society teaches you to do. As a result, you may feel at ease in the universe and your position within it.

Septarian Healing Properties

Although Septarian has a mystery aura about it, practitioners think it is a crystal kingdom power of nature. It’s a complicated stone with a variety of therapeutic qualities that work together to offer a wide range of benefits.

Here are among the most notable ways it has an impact on your emotional, spiritual, or physical well-being.

The physical benefits of Septarian

Septarian’s most powerful advantages affect the heart, intellect, and soul. Crystal healers, on the other hand, claim that its healing powers may also benefit your physical health.

Many people claim that it helps with muscular pains. It’s claimed to relieve muscular spasms and bruises fast when used for a crystal healing session.

Some people believe the stone may assist with general tiredness and weakness. Those suffering from anemia may feel more energized and powerful. Individuals with joint paint, on the other hand, may have less severe pains.

The gemstone is also said to help you sleep better. Throughout the day, it absorbs dark energy, leaving little little to cause nightmares or night terrors. Instead, it is believed to induce relaxation enough so you may have a good night’s sleep.

The emotional benefits of Septarian

Septarian is multi-faceted when it comes to emotional healing qualities. It’s a hardworking stone that may help you solve a wide range of issues while also providing serenity and security into your life.

Septarian, like so many other healing stones, has the ability to cleanse negative energy. It’s an auric sponge capable of transforming negativity into something useful.

Every now and again, everyone may benefit from emotional mending. You are constantly assaulted by negative influences, no matter how much influence you have over your surroundings. Dark energy is omnipresent, from unpleasant experiences to individuals who just want to pass on their nasty feelings to you.

Septarian takes care of things so you don’t have to. Furthermore, it transforms that energy into anything beautiful. Septarian is a powerful ally who can help you to make the most of a terrible situation.

Many people believe Septarian is a great instructor who can do much more than just remove negative energy. It changes your perspective, giving you the courage and knowledge to face your own demons in the future.

Septarian is a dedication stone, as previously stated. It’s made up of three different minerals. Each one has its own set of advantages. However, when used collectively, these minerals are formidable defenders.

They work together to form a protective barrier around your aura, enabling you to recover from inside. It provides you with strength and prepares you to be calm no matter what happens at you.

The crystal is a symbol for transformation and development in this respect. It demonstrates that you, too, can emerge from the ashes and change into your greatest self. It may be difficult and time-consuming to get to that point, but the effort is well worth it when you can bask in the confidence and power you possess.

The spiritual benefits of Septarian

Many individuals who have Septarian have had spiritual awakenings as a result of their possession. It has a spiritually uplifting effect and naturally induces joy. It gives you a spring in your step and allows you to appreciate all of the things you were missing out on while languishing in negative energy.

But, more significantly, Septarian is a change agent.

These healers claim that their way of life has shifted all of a sudden. They got rid of their bad habits and forged forward with zeal. The stone is believed to be very transformational, making it an excellent choice for anybody going through a life transition or seeking good changes.

The Septarian Chakras

When it comes to metaphysical qualities, Septarian is a complicated stone.

This stone is an excellent addition to your arsenal. It helps you remain balanced by ensuring that life force vitality may flow freely throughout your whole body. Energy may harmonize, resulting in a sense of steadiness and energy.

Septarian is a very strong root chakra stone. It’s the first of 7 energy points. It’s where the life force energy from the Earth under your feet enters your body.

The chakra is in charge of your emotions of security. It helps you stay grounded and find comfort in whatever you’re doing. When this chakra is obstructed, you may feel as though your feet never touch the earth.

Many individuals describe it as feeling uninspired as they go from one brief pleasure to the next.

Septarian’s metaphysical qualities instill trust and tranquility. It allows you to enjoy life and aids in the discovery of your real, everlasting mission.

Septarian zodiac sign

Make no doubt about it: Septarian is a crystal that may help whomever has it. It’s a non-discriminating transformational healing stone!

It does, however, seem to be more closely associated with individuals born underneath the Taurus zodiac sign. It’s one of Taurus’ official stones. When you compare Taurean characteristics to what Septarians are capable of, the link is clear.

Taureans have a strong will and are very at ease in their own skin. They are good-natured and peaceful, and in comparison to other signs, they are very grounded. Even though they have their moments of weakness, most Taureans have little trouble remaining loyal to themselves.

They are, in other terms, an embodiment of Septarian. Taureans may use this stone to enhance their inherent abilities. Its symbolism will also serve as a reminder to Taureans to stand firm in the face of adversity.

How to use the Septarian gemstone?

Septarian’s grounding energy may be used in a variety of ways. This tri-colored stone’s inherent attractiveness makes it an excellent option for ornamental products!

Polished rocks, sculptures, spheres, and even practical items are common examples. For example, it’s often used to make coasters, bookends, or even puzzles.

These ornamental elements, in whatever shape they take, nevertheless exude a powerful vitality. You may soak in all that energy and feel a wave of calm wash over you every moment you enter the room.

Septarian is very often used in jewelry. Natural tones go nicely with Earth-inspired items. The stone may continue to perform its powers as jewelry.

Pendants and embroidered bracelets are excellent amulets for protection. The stones have the ability to cure your mind and body while also protecting you from negative energy.

Many people prefer to sleep with the stone close. Place it beneath your pillowcase at night to get the most out of it while your mind, body, and soul heal.

Septarian may be combined with other crystals for more advanced healing. It pairs nicely with a variety of well-known therapeutic stones. Clear Quartz for amplification, Novaculite for stress relief, and Kyanite for emotional balance are some of the most common combinations.

What is the Crystal Structure of Septarian gemstone?

A septarian is a rare crystal that contains an octahedron. The crystal structure of septarian gemstones is composed of two intersecting octahedra that share one common face.

Septarian geological specifications

Geodes made up of yellow calcite, brown aragonite, grey limestone, and white or transparent barite are known as septarian examples. Septarian is derived from the French term “septum,” which means “division.”

As a consequence of cracking, the nodules include angular cavities termed septaria, which form divisions across the stone. These one-of-a-kind septaria may be any size and include a variety of fractures. Calcite leeches into septarian fractures, forming calcite crystals on a coating of aragonite on bentonite clay. The nodule eventually turns to stone when the bentonite is replaced by limestone.

Hardness3 to 4 (Mohs)
ColorGrey with white or yellow middle and brown lines

You can learn more about the specifications here.

How to Identify Septarian by Sight?

In Biblios, the section Septarians live in has a huge amount of colorful rocks. They can be found throughout the world. These rocks are often shaped like octagons and are transparent to show their interior.

There is no direct way to identify them at a distance. However, they can be found by looking for the rainbow colors they produce when struck by sunlight.

Septarians are also usually found in areas with high concentrations of quartz or other rock types that have similar colors.

How to Identify Septarian by Sight?

How Do Unakite and Septarian Stones Differ in Appearance and Properties?

Unakite is a type of granite that features pink feldspar, green epidote, and quartz, creating a unique mottled appearance. Meanwhile, septarian stones are sedimentary rocks characterized by the distinctive combination of calcite, aragonite, and limestone. The meaning of unakite lies in its grounding and balancing properties, while septarian stones are known for their calming and nurturing energy.

How much does the Septarian cost?

The price of a Septarian varies depending on the size of the system. The average cost of a small piece is around $1,000.

How to take care of the Septarian stone?

To clean the crystal, gently rinse it with warm water. Before wearing or storing septarian jewelry, make sure it is completely dry. This geode should not be cleaned with strong chemicals, ultrasonic equipment, or steam cleaners. Because septarian stones have a low Mohs hardness of 3-1/2 to 4, they are prone to scratches, divots, and other surface marring, as well as cracking. Keep septarian geodes away from hard surfaces while keeping them, ideally in a soft bag or a separate bead tray.

Final thoughts

Septarian’s origin and meaning are both very inspirational. During life’s worst times, the strong, constant presence that this crystal can offer may be a rock.

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