Rose Quartz pendant

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This rose quartz pendant is adorned with a beautiful clear quartz, which provides the perfect backdrop for the lovely energy of rose quartz. This gemstone is one of the most powerful healing stones out there, and will help to ground both you and your vitality.

Rose Quartz pendant
Rose Quartz pendant 18.99  Original price was: 18.99 €.13.99 Current price is: 13.99 €.

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Rose quartz, hyaline quartz and pink quartz were all terms used by ancient civilizations. Greek word “hyalos,” which means glass, gave rose quartz its name. According to tradition, Aphrodite’s blood was stained on white quartz when she wounded herself on a thorny shrub to save her beloved Adonis from Are’s war, according to the significance of the rose quartz crystal. Zeus returned Adonis from battle out of compassion and gave rose quartz its meaning of rekindled or renewed love. Another Greek myth describes how Cupid and Eros gave rose quartz to humanity to plant the seeds of love and hope.

The benefits of wearing the Rose Quartz pendant

Like many quartz gemstones, this one has a strong capacity to reduce bad vibrations and emotions whether worn or carried in your pocket. If you wear or carry this stone throughout the day, you’ll be able to tell a difference. Instead, you should experience peace and a feeling of positive, loving energy taking the place of the negative energy. Moreover, this gemstones is well known for its associations with love. So, if you’re having relationship problems or need to resolve a disagreement with a partner, this is an excellent stone to have. In order to facilitate communication and the restoration of relationships, rose quartz has the power to diffuse anger and conflicts and to create a healing energy.

Rose Quartz specifications

  • Gemstone: rose quartz
  • Necklace provided


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