Tiger’s eye pendant

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The Tiger’s Eye pendant is a magical stone that allows you to access your intuition and your third eye. It will connect your mind and body with the inner child in you.

Tiger's eye pendant
Tiger's eye pendant 18.99  Original price was: 18.99 €.13.99 Current price is: 13.99 €.

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Tiger’s Eye’s symbolism and applications are mostly derived from its look. Tiger’s Eye was once worn by soldiers and warriors before battles because it was thought to provide protection and strength. Due to its eye-like appearance, Tiger’s Eye crystal was especially revered by Roman troops. On the battlefield, having this kind of power—the ability to see and know everything—was highly prized.

Some cultures even thought that Tiger’s Eye crystal meaning could fend against the Evil Eye. Other ancient cultures, such as the Ancient Chinese, believed that wearing Tiger’s Eye crystal would bring them good fortune. Ancient civilizations connected the significance of the Tiger’s Eye with these qualities and this mythological animal since the magical tiger symbolized them in Eastern mythology, along with power, courage, and integrity.

What are the benefits of wearing the Tiger’s eye pendant?

In all facets of your life, the Tiger’s Eye qualities exhort you to live audaciously, courageously, and proudly. No crystal is better than a Tiger’s Eye stone to turn to when you need a boost of bravery to help you face your fears or take risks in life. You can communicate with the supreme power crystal of the mineral kingdom by channeling the energy of the Tiger’s Eye meaning.

Tiger’s eye specifications

  • Gemstone: tiger’s eye
  • Necklace provided

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